Offers Amazon: discover products in a discount today, April 9, 2018


Published on Apr 09, 2018


Today, April 9, 2018, are available on Amazon so many of the products in discount. Discover the offers Amazon below in our dedicated article.

Let's start with the deals of the day and will announce a wireless charger, latest generation, capable of ensuring speed and safety. Let's talk about the new charger RAVPower that we have reviewed for you.

Available from 36,99€ 31,44€

We then turn to a car battery charger discounted Aukey. It is a compact product, with two USB ports, and output 4.8 A/24W.

Available from 9,99€ 7,99€

Still, we continue with the activity tracker IP67 Gulaki with sensor for cardiac monitoring integrated. Location perfect for all sports.

Available from 69,99€ 21,99€

How to not report then the discount on the balance smart 1byone that we have always reviewed for you. This is really one of the best in its category.

We had a very good experience with this product and we appreciate his work to separate the accurate measurement via the app, that maybe is not necessary to perform on a daily basis, with the simple measurement of weight, maybe more fits every morning without a smartphone. The design is nice and it goes well with many different environments, the connection is stable and fast and the measurements are precise. If we add to this that the scale costs less than 35€ the picture is much more clear. This is one of the best alternatives to much more expensive scales smart on the market.

Available from 45,99€ 32,99€

A must have for autonomy, it is charging. This is the external battery Puridea S3 Ultra Compact 15000mAh with dual USB port (the 3RD Input).

Available from 49,99€ to 13,99€

We then turn to a Lightning cable reinforced that we reviewed recently and which is still available on Amazon. We speak of the famous cable Unbreakable of Syncwire.

Available at 8,99€

And always Syncwire, the screen protector for the iPhone X is available in discount!

Available at 9,98€

Still, there is an action camera 4K discount. This is the model of the Apeman with WiFi, sensor 20MP, display, two batteries, waterproof case and other accessories.

Available from 75,99€ 64,59€

Let's now talk about a power bank capable of start vehicles and also act as a booster. In essence it is a product that has two features: the charging of the devices and assistance in the ignition of cars. We have reviewed for you and we found ourselves well. The product is solid, quality and very valid even if it is from clearly the best for petrol cars (it was designed so).

Available from 49,99€ 37,99€

And to speak of AirPods and silicone case of the Bandmax, available on Amazon. This case is an excellent solution to protect the wireless headset from Apple and it is a product that is increasingly used by the users.

Available at 9.99€

It then continues the week of deals Amazon dedicated to video games and the world of gaming.

All the offers here

Plus there there are other interesting offers that are valid on these days:

Amazon Music Unlimited is a digital music service that gives you access to more than 50 million tracks, playlists, and radio created by experts of Amazon Music. With Amazon's Unlimited Music we can listen to anywhere and at any time our music on all your devices: PC, Mac, Android, iOS (with the app), and so on. You can sign up for free and try the service for 30 days without cost and without obligation to renew.

Click here to register for free to Amazon Music for 30 days

The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.

In the case of warning “code is not usable”, it means the product is temporarily sold out (should try again later with the same code, since new stocks arrive regularly).

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