Offerings Wind: the best of November 2016

Published on Nov 11, 2016

Waiting for the merger with Three recently approved to become operative to all effects, the offers Wind they remain among the most competitive on the market of telephone operators. Among the tariff plans All Inclusive and promotions for new customers, the basket of offerings, the Wind is really delicious, both for new customers and for those who already use the services of the operator.

If your idea is to change the operator, the coverage on the territory is really vast. If, however, to be thorough you want to check if the signal reaches your area, you can do so by going to this address.

Now go more in detail and we will see together what are the offers Wind-activated in the current month.

Offers Tim: the best of November 2016

The line offers Wind Us for this month includes a only fee, and is designed for those who uses the smartphone mainly for making phone calls, giving minutes to real and nothing else.

The offers Wind-series All-Inclusive, are designed for meeting the needs of younger users, putting together a good dose of minutes, calls and GB at a reasonable price. Even if they are not exclusive to an audience under 30, can I, in part, be assimilated to the offers Tim Young, giving something more to those who have not yet turned 30 years of age.

The offers Wind Magnum are only in the subscription and offer customers a good number of GB, as well as calls and unlimited messages. Their cost is the highest of the other and provide the possibility to have exclusive offers in conjunction with a smartphone.

Veon is not a real bid Wind, but a way to add internet traffic to your existing range. The app is in fact designed to be used as a chat both video and text and is available for Android and iOS. For customers that already have an internet offer will be given 1 GB of traffic on the first access, and 100 MB will be added to each daily access under network Wind. That is to say, it will not be revolutionary but will give you more autonomy if you are assiduous frequenters of the network with the smartphone.



These are the cheapest Wind that you can activate for the current month, whether that be new customers or already in the possession of a Sim. If the offers will change in time, we will keep you informed. If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to let us know through the comment box.

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