Offer-Amazon: 2 Tempered Glass HyperGlass To+ 0.3 mm for iPhone 7/Plus for only 8,99€


Published on Jan 10, 2017


HyperGlass To+ 0.3 CoverStyle® film, tempered glass thick only 0.3 mm and is made with the best material japanese present on the market (class A+) with a hardness of 9H and rounded edges.

This film will cover only the real part of the iPhone display and not the curved edges. It is composed of 4 different layers which are useful for the optimum protection against scratches and bumps, the surface of the glass instead it is covered with a coating oleofobico that will allow you to get more and more clean and with less fingerprints.

HyperGlass is a lot more resistant compared to the classic films of glass and will offer more gloss in the colours, protection against scratches, 100% clear, no rainbow effect, smooth surface.

You will not look back to the classic films of glass or plastic. Easy to install, no air bubbles. The package contains a kit of useful accessories for a perfect application: cloth dampened, microfiber cloth, stickers positioning.

Rarely CoverStyle allows you to purchase accessories via Amazon, benefiting from a free shipping for all users First. This is one of those cases where you add a promotion that allows you to receive 2 glasses instead of 1.

The price for the package of 2 tempered glass is 8,99€ instead of 17,99€, only for a limited period of time that will be directly proportional to the number of stocks available. If you have an iPhone 7, you can buy them from here, if you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you can purchase them from here.

SAVE 9,99€





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