October Faction: Netflix will produce a TV series based on the comic book IDW


Published on Sep 29, 2018


October Faction by Steve Files and Damien Worm is in development as a series of live-action Netflix on the part of the showrunner of Krypton, Damian Kindler.

Here's the official synopsis of the October Faction:

“Based on the success of the comic series IDW written by Steve Niles, October Faction, and follows the hunters of monsters globetrotter Fred and Deloris Allen, who, after the death of his father, Fred, back in their hometown in the State of New York with their teenage sons Geoff and Viv. While the family adjusts to the new situation, Fred and Deloris have to hide their identity as members of a secret organization, and our heroes soon discover that their new small town is not as idyllic as it seems.”

Here's the staff for the series, composed of ten episodes:

Creator/ Showrunner/ executive Producer: Damian Kindler (Sleepy Hollow, Krypton)

Directors: Director X (Superfly), Damian Kindler, Megan Follows (Reign), Mina Shum (Ninth Floor), and David to the city's economy (Vikings, Orphan Black)

Executive producers: James Thorpe, Steve Niles, Thomas Walden, Eric Birnberg

Co-executive producers: George Strayton (Xena: Warrior Princess) and Melissa Blake (Sleepy Hollow, Heroes)

Producers: John Calvert (Call me Anna) and Mohamad El Masri (Here and Now – An american family)

Has not been announced no date of premiere for the series.

October Faction: Netflix will produce a TV series based on the comic book IDW is




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