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Published on Nov 02, 2019


Warren Ellis is not an author of any and are well aware of those who have read works such as Transmetropolitan, Hellstorm, Doom 2009, and Authority, just to name a few.

The writer extends between the genders and often proves to have an aptitude subversive and provocative, which in the past has also caused some issue of censorship with Marvel and DC.

Now Lion offers volume Ocean series based on the Vertigo of six numbers.
It could be described as science fiction, and in numerous occasions Ellis has revealed himself to ease with this particular narrative genre. Usually opt for atmospheres borrowed from the fiction of cyberpunk, but the science-fiction of the Ocean is based more on the psychological aspect of the protagonists and is influenced by the concept of inner space: J. G. Ballard.

The story takes place in the future and the main character is Kane, a government agent called ‘annusabombe’ that has the function to destroy any weapon is potentially dangerous. For a number of reasons goes on Europa, the moon of Jupiter. Here is a space station that is managed by some scientists who have made an incredible discovery: under the crust is the frozen of the satellite, in fact, there is an ancient artifact that holds the corpses hibernators of strange creatures that may or may not be human.

And if you svegliassero, what would happen? According to researches and analysis carried out, it makes one think that they are extremely violent and dangerous. As if that wasn't enough, the manager of a multinational company, he also on Europe, is to take possession of the artifact and has very bad intentions toward anyone who intends to obstruct it.

Ellis writes a good science fiction story, focusing on the action and dark atmosphere and claustrophobic, which, however, are constantly relieved by a pungent irony and biting, typical of his style, especially evident in the dialogues sarcastic and irreverent. The pace of the plot is fast and syncopated, and in the Ocean is a good comic book entertainment. Perhaps it is not to be considered among the most important works of the british writer, but the quality is not lacking.

The drawings are by Chris Sprouse that has a stretch clean, elegant and extremely dynamic, especially in action sequences. Although it is sometimes a little standardized, it is still effective and functional. The dynamism is, however, damped by the inks too dense and woody, Karl Story, and would be, therefore, more advisable to use a different inker. This does not mean that the Ocean is, once again, an interesting proposal that is sure to like the fan of Ellis, and to the admirers of science fiction English. For you to try.

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