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1/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the birds, to the leaves, Nomos2/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the leaves, Nomos3/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the leaves, Nomos4/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the leaves, Nomos5/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the birds, Nomos6/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the birds, Nomos7/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the birds, Nomos8/8Alison Davies - Tom Frost, a Small guide to the birds, to the leaves, Nomos

The popular books can also be born to be enjoyed on the couch at home, but they can also become agile companions of exploration.

The two small guides outputs for Nomos have impressed me for their ease of handling and the lightweight design and essential.

"It speaks to me of happiness every leaf fluttering from the trees in the fall" by Emily Brontë.
Small guide to fogliefa this joyful approach of the writer of the nineteenth century, building a gallery of leaves portrayed often in their turn color in autumn. 40 leaves chosen from the most common european plants, but with exceptions decided to lead in Africa and in the East (but in reality we can often recognize among the domestic plants, potted or gifts). 40 leaves depicted on backgrounds clearly white by Tom Frostche with her style manages to combine the rigour descriptive and a certain sensitivity to color and volumetric shapes: the leaves are clearly drawn and their charm shines brightly, at the same time, the accuracy with which the illustrator has come close to the subjects means that there are transformations idealized. The leaves you see are the ones that you will find actually on the plants: the vividness of the color or the underline of the ribs or of the outlines will make you appreciate even better the less visible reality. Alison Davies fill out for every protagonist an identity card made by the Latin name, characteristics, habitat, distribution, flowers and fruits, and add a short text that contains, from time to time, historical, botanical, cultural,... did you Know that the buds of the hawthorn flowers have a smell which "reminded" the plague"? And did you know that "for a sick child was often given a teaspoon of sap [of ash] to heal them from any disturbance"? The order of the alphabet that follows the scientific names of the plants helps up to a certain point in the orientation of the species (and do to the fact that the ficus is out of place!), but any order would have had its flaws.

In the appendix a summary chart of all 40 varieties of leaves will allow the young observers to note down and remember the plants already encountered, and the small square format you will find easily its place in your backpack.

Equal in the house also the Small guide to the birds that perhaps stands out for the variety in colour of the feathers that Tom Frost has been able to pay homage. Also in this case, the sample stands out on the white background, and the morphological characteristics are underlined by the style concise and precise English artist. The selection of 40 birds is less eurocentric and many other species of magnificent will be hardly observable by the Italian boys. There are, however, the sparrow, the common, the sparrow-hawk, the owl, the swallow,... The text that accompanies the illustrations keeps the spirit of the twin botanical: the Latin name follow wingspan and size, eggs, habitat, distribution, feeding, differences between males and females, and then the short text full of curiosity.

"Until the NINETEENTH century it was thought that svernassero in the mud on the bottom of the ponds": who are they? "The fishermen once thought that their legs emanassero an attractive scent for the fish, and it was common practice to bring a paw as a good luck charm in the fishing expeditions": who are we talking about?

The two books interesting, ideal for the summer, observers and enthusiasts in the grass, but also perfect for readers, few lovers of the narratives, romance (from 7 years): the texts are brief and well written, awake in them the desire to read!

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