Oblumi Tapp: the true thermometer for the iPhone, available on Amazon


Published on Mar 30, 2016


How many times, between the various beats, listen to you will ever hear: “What a nice phone, but also makes the coffee?” or, “and the fever you measuring?”. Today we will talk about Oblumi OBLT12Z, a thermometer corporal for iPhone that works in the infrared.

Oblumi tapp is a device that once connected to your phone converts it into a digital infrared thermometer with various possibilities:

Its infrared sensor is designed specifically for medical applications. Just switch the thermometer on the forehead to get an accurate measurement and, thanks to the application, it will be possible to calculate the dose of medication and to remember when you hire me. All the data can be recorded and reviewed within a history. Also the monitoring of fever will be simple in the case where we want to communicate the information to the health care.

The application supports multiple patients, and then for each of them it will be possible to have a custom tab with various measurements and whatnot. And’ possible to send a notification with the temperature, to other people such as family members, even when they are not neighbors.

Oblumi tapp also measures the temperature of the liquid: how Many times have you worried that the bottle was too hot or that the water in the pool was too cold for your child? In short, from now, the iPhone has its very versatile thermometer available on Amazon at 43,90€.





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