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Published on Apr 24, 2019


In about a year away from the debut of the series back in Italy for saldaPress (cured under the aspect of editorial with grace, beauty and precision, in which the volumes of the publishing house in Reggio Emilia are distinguished) with the second volume in Oblivion Song, series created by Robert Kirkman (text) together with the roman, Lorenzo De Felici (drawings).

The scientist Nathan Cole, a survivor of the cataclysm called “Transposition”, which has plunged a large area of the city of Philadelphia to Oblivion, an unknown dimension inhabited by terrifying creatures, she finally found the brother And and the brought back to the reality of the earth. But despite being back home, And no longer feels a “terrestrial” and, as he tries to convince Nathan that Oblivion is a better world in which to live, the protagonist is cornered by the army, more and more demanding in having answers to questions about the Transposition that only Nathan can give.

Containing the books from the 7th to the 12th of the series, Image Comics, Oblivion Song Vol. 2 promises to delve into the stories of the protagonists, continuing to convey to the readers that pathos that have tried doing the knowledge of this extraordinary world in an atmosphere that is “next to the book of revelation”.


Oblivion Song Vol. 2 resumes the story where you were interrupted in the first volume: "Nathan finds himself having to come to terms with the justice, recalls the thread and sign the experience that led him, together with a team of scientists to create a Transposition event in which the earth encountered another dimension, and where a portion of Philadelphia, was exchanged with part of Oblivion. Devastated by guilt, Nathan is ready to accept his punishment, but when the concrete risk that its mechanism, what has “triggered” the Transposition, may end up in the wrong hands and be turned into a weapon, ready to transform back into a “hero” (albeit fugitive) to protect the mechanism and, especially, to cope with a new Transposition.


The red thread of the narrative of this new chapter of Oblivion Song is, without a doubt, the relationship between the two brothers, Nathan and ed, which, in turn, is embedded in a broader dichotomy between issues opposite present in the work. And, brought back from Oblivion, fails to reintegrate into the society of the earth, (in which, basically, doesn't really ever found a place) and pushes not just to come back in the other dimension, but to follow more people as possible. His hand to Nathan, who, as we have already learned, has committed all of himself to bring back his brother on Earth, does not accept the idea that the brother wants to go back, a little to the sense of guilt, a little selfishly, for the affection that you proof in relation to it.

The relationship between the two brothers materialized, therefore narratively the opposition central of Oblivion Song generated by Transposition, namely that between the earthly dimension and the dimension of Oblivion: in a scenic position, the issue is made by means of a dynamic action (and a stretch of “active” is perfectly coherent to the scenes that lends itself to illustrate), and a continuous passage between the two dimensions, especially in the mission to retrieve the device for him.

And if it is still early to understand how these two realities will reconcile at the end of the story, the two brothers, at the end of the second volume, seem to be able to find a balance based on understanding and mutual affection, ending in a positive way this second leg of the journey narrative of Oblivion Song, without taking away from the anticipation and the curiosity about what will come after.

Provide readers with additional details about the catastrophic event that befell on Philadelphia (and in the inner world the same Nathan), with a narrative action is intense, interesting and the tone is varied (that touches deep-seated issues, although does not stray never quite in the “dark” and leaves space for irony) the creative team enriches the narrative experience of Oblivion Song dedicating some space to the study of the psychology of our protagonist, his brother, And, by guess how it will be just the two of them the two rings of the chain able to reconcile (maybe), Oblivion, and the Earth at the end of the story.


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