Obligation templates by may 4, 2020: all we need to know


Published on Apr 28, 2020


Italy is preparing to stage 2 and it is for this reason that the questions are indeed many. One of all is surely about the masks: we have to wear compulsory face masks? When we have to wear them? To answer all the doubts of the italians, which from next Monday will slowly return even to get out of the house for work or for visits to relatives, responds to the Government with the famous FAQ published on the website of the ministry of Health.

So let's see about templates everything there is to know.

Starting from may 4, 2020, for the purposes of the containment of the spread of the virus COVID-19, it is compulsory on the entire national territory to use the protections of the respiratory system in closed places accessible to the public, including the means of transport and in all the occasions in which it is not possible to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the safety distance.

Are not subject to the obligation of the children under six years of age, and individuals with disabilities that are not compatible with the continued use of the mask and the entities that interact with the aforementioned.

In addition, some Regions (such as Tuscany, Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Calabria and the autonomous Province of Bolzano) have been ordered by specific Ordinances regional the obligation to cover your nose and mouth whenever you go outside the house.

In the community may be used, disposable face masks or masks that are washable, also self-produced, multi-layered materials could provide an adequate barrier and, at the same time, ensuring the comfort and breathing capability, shape, and adhesion adequate to allow a cover from the chin to above the nose.

The use of masks in the community, in addition to the other protection measures aimed at the reduction of contagion (such as the spacing and physical hygiene consistent and accurate of the hands) that remain unchanged and priority.

It is not useful to wear more surgical masks overlapping. The rational use of surgical masks is important to prevent unnecessary waste of valuable resources.

The Premier Count also during the press conference with which he has presented the new measures for stage 2 has recommended the use of masks also in the homes of family and relatives.

It is clear however that if we are all alone in a park in the open air we can also do less than wear a mask. Moreover, experts invite all those that wear the mask to adhere to in any case, especially if it is of the simple templates in use in the population, to respect the safety distances which remain the surest way to prevent infection.

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