Oakley Prizm Games: our adventure at Mammoth Mountain

Published on Jun 16, 2016

We flew to California to participate in the Oakley Prizm Games, a competition more or less “amateur” journalists and sports to test some of the new Oakley Prizm made specifically for anyone who practices, or decides to practice, almost any kind of sport.

In the middle of northern California, between Yosemite and San Francisco stretches a valley surrounded by mountains still covered with snow (ndr, Mammoth Mountain you can ski until late July) in which branch off the one or two impressive roads that cut through the landscape. A species of Route66 that, a few miles beyond, gives way to a small town montana style, Twin Peaks.

And on one of these typical streets by american imaginary that is our adventure began with Oakley. Equipped with suits, shoes and bicycles, we had the opportunity to test the lens Prizm dedicated to cycling.

Oakley Prizm works as an equalizer of music. Depending on the kind of music that we are listening to, the eq corrects the acoustic and the timbre of the sound, allowing us to listen to one specific genre instead of another. The technology Prizm works exactly the same way. Every sporting activity is a precise lens that highlights certain colors compared to others and is able to improve the quality of what we see in certain circumstances. In our adventure “on the road” we have seen how the lenses of the “Prizm Road” they accentuate all the details of the road: bumps, cracks, stones and debris are easily identifiable thanks to an improvement of the visual contrast that allows you to have total command of the roadway, improving also the last of the sports performance.

The Oakley Prizm are tested against each type of shock, ideal for those who practice sports such as Downhill MTB and is exposed to dirt roads. In our adventure to Mammoth Mountain, we have also tried this. Walking along a dirt road among the pines, the roots and the soil sandy, the goggles Prizm Trail” we have protected from dust and debris, allowing us, thanks to an accentuated colour palette of greens and reds, to focus on the path, the result is immediately more clear and tangible.

But the real revelation came with fishing. Oakley has thought of two lens types for the surfaces of water, one for shallow waters (which we tested) and one for deeper waters. Nestled in boots up to their knees in the Owens river, I wore the “Prizm Shallow Water”. A difference “abyssal” between the naked eye and sunglasses. The technology Prizm in this case, cancel the refraction of the light on the water and highlights the contrast in colour between the bottom and fish in order to locate them more easily. In practice allows you to see underwater.

That said, I discovered I'm short-sighted in the second grade, when I pasted in the notebook of my friend at school because I could not see well what was written on the blackboard. A few days ago I realized to be still, thanks to Oakley.

Never. more. without.


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