NZ Herald: “In 10 years, Apple has not paid taxes in New Zealand”


Published on Mar 20, 2017


The New Zealand Herald reports that Apple has not paid any income tax in New Zealand for the past 10 years, with the company from Cupertino, which would have only paid 37 million dollars to the taxes generated by sales in the country are not in New Zealand, but in Australia.

According to the analysis made by the Herald, sales of Apple products in New Zealand amounted to 4.2 billion dollars, which are translated, however, in just 37 million dollars of taxes paid by the company. These fees, among other things, were paid to the coffers of the Australian and not to the tax authorities of new zealand. Among other things, in New Zealand, the income tax is lower, equal to 28% compared to 30% expected by the tax authorities of australia.

The reason why Apple has not paid a single dollar of tax in New Zealand is due to the fact that the two countries have signed a treaty on double-tax credits for companies controlled by a holding company residing in one country or another. Since Apple New Zealand is owned by a parent company based in Australia, taxes of both countries are paid at the tax Office in australia. Through other scams tax completely legal, Apple has also succeeded almost to zero the taxes due by the company “new zealand”.

It is, therefore, a legal procedure, but that is sparking a lot of criticism, especially now that is out in the open. Several political representatives have already made their voices heard and demand that Apple begins to pay taxes in New Zealand. The leader of the Green party's James Shaw said that “... it is absolutely amazing how Apple manages to get away with the payment of such taxes equal to zero in our country. I really like Apple products because they are incredibly innovative, but it seems that the department of taxation of the company as more innovative than those who design the various products“.

A spokesman for Apple reiterated that the company is proud of the help that your products have offered to new zealand citizens, and that a large part of the taxes are paid in the United States, where Apple designs its devices.

In New Zealand, however, is already discussing a change to the tax rules, which will force the multinationals to pay 28% tax on all the profits generated in the country, without any kind of “scam” can be.

Link to the original article: NZ Herald: “In 10 years, Apple has not paid taxes in New Zealand”




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