Nutrition and sport: advice for a light afternoon snack and healthy


Published on Jun 03, 2019


Power and sports, a combination of fundamental. If, on the one hand, it is important to keep active and move a little bit the physical, on the other, this habit must always be supported by a diet that can claim to be correct and healthy. Learn how to stay in shape, in fact, there is no use if then the whole is diminished by a diet cannot give the body the necessary energy. That's why today, we will discover together 5 tips for a light afternoon snack and healthy.

1. Chips apple

There are few snacks which are harmful to the physical and the fries, however, are often not resist the temptation, because there ingolosiscono. Yet, there is a workaround definitely valid, because it keeps the crunchiness of the chips and is also good for the organism. Speaking of the chips of apple, very easy to prepare: just cut the very thin slices and leaving them to dry above the oven grill.

2. Low-fat Yogurt with fruit and granola

Absolutely one of the great classics for a diet that can claim to be healthy and balanced: the low-fat yogurt with fruit and granola (or oatmeal) is an ideal snack for young and old, because satisfied, and because it provides the body with all the energy he needs. Only advice: when you combine the fruit, used especially of the season.

3. Fresh fruit

From the fruit of the... fruit. Among the possible snack, there is nothing better than the food the most healthy in the world. In addition, there is also the possibility to find it already packaged at the supermarket, as in the case of cut fruit of the Fratelli Orsero. Why opt for this snack? Because fruits are rich in vitamins and fluids, and then is very good for the body.

4. Crackers and turkey breast

For those looking for something more substantial, to give you a real boost of energy to the body, here is one of the most tasty: the crackers wholegrain crunchy, united states to the slices of turkey breast. It is a snack full of protein and at the same time with very little fat, so few calories. Ideal for those who want to be satiated diet without sacrificing the pleasure of food.

5. Roasted chickpeas with spices

Chickpeas are valuable allies for those who want to be satiated without breaking the calories. Even better, if roasted and seasoned with spices, which among other things are also good for the body. In other words, is a trick that's very useful to get something very crunchy and satisfying, however avoiding food that is too fattening.

Thanks to the advice seen in this article, you'll surely satiate your hunger, and at the same time find a healthy snack, light and ideal for those who practice sports.

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