Nra to Wind and Three: “No more chat and music to customers without data traffic”


Published on Mar 25, 2017


The Nra has warned Wind, and Three on that offer chat and music for free to customers who no longer have credit or data traffic on their sheet. This decision is clearly linked to app Music by 3 Three and Veon of Wind, which allow customers of the two operators use a number of free services, also without any phone credit or data traffic available.

With Music by 3 users Three have the opportunity to listen to different music in streaming in the catalog of the Three, even if they have exhausted the traffic data at their disposal. Similar functions are also present in the app Veon of Wind, which, among other things, also allows texting without consuming data traffic.

The free use of these two apps without consumption of data traffic is finished under the magnifying glass of the Nra, who in recent days has sent a notice to the official to the two operators (which, remember, are now represented by a single reality).

For the Guarantor, the behavior of Wind and Three is discriminatory against other music services and chat, for which it is clearly expected that the consumption of data. The user is then “prompted” to use Music by 3 or Veon just not to consume data while listening to music or during chat sessions. In practice this means that, if the user has consumed all your monthly data traffic, you may not use mobility app such as Spotify or WhatsApp, but will have the option of using the alternatives of the Three and Wind without any type of limitation. And it is just the apps and services of third parties being discriminated against, according to the Nra.

In its decision, the authority has also recalled the european rules that would prevent such operations and that refer precisely to the neutrality of the network, which does not admit any type of commercial discrimination of this type:

It is believed that the offers zero-rating of Wind, and Three lead to a discrimination of traffic is zero-rated with respect to the rest of traffic

The two operators now have a month of time to explain to the supervisor what measures have been taken to adapt their offerings and comply with what is required. In the survey was over also TIM, which, however, has decided to adapt the first of this complaint, by preventing the use of the TIM Vision users without data traffic.

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