November 5, 1955: Emmett “Doc” Brown invents the Flux Capacitor, and is grateful to the sink


Published on Nov 05, 2018


In Back to the Future trilogy is not better specified the reason why Marty and Doc are so bound to one another, but perhaps it is the dolphin that has united them, as it seems to have been the dolphin ispirargli the Flux Capacitor. That is... destiny.

When Doc presents his new project, Marty, and a DeLorean that can travel in time with style, he briefly describes the operation, explaining that it is possible to travel in any point of time, past or future, simply by setting the desired date on the appropriate display.

After a number of examples, Doc focuses on what defines a given historical moment, a moment very important for the scientific community, and not only that: on November 5, 1955 dr. Emmett Brown conceived the Flux Capacitor. But how?

In reality it was a mere coincidence: while he was in the bathroom, Doc got to his feet on his toilet to hang a clock (who does not have a clock hanging in the bathroom? Obviously, the obsession with the weather was already part of him), but, since the porcelain was wet, slipped and slammed my head on the sink, losing the senses. Later, when he opened his eyes, he had received “a revelation, a vision” of what makes it possible to time travel: the Flux Capacitor:

Since then, Doc has invested all that he had, money, and time, to give material life to that vision. You succeed, finally, thirty years later, in 1985. It is not explained clearly as this bizarre device functions, but it really works! Emmett Brown has finally brought to life one of the most degrees the dreams of the human race: the ability to travel through time:

On this date, Doc has conceived the Flux Capacitor and Marty will find himself in spite of himself, catapulted to Hill Valley right on that date, a short time after the “vision” of his friend the scientist. But what is the reason for which it was chosen this date? First of all, remember that on the same day in 1963, a Tuesday, came to light as Dave McFly, the older brother of Marty, but in fact, the November 5, 1922, on Sunday, was born, Mark R. Gale, father of Bob Gale, the writer of the script of Back to the Future, together with Robert Zemeckis. Bob Gale, however, has stated that it is a simple coincidence; in addition, it is not made any official mention that leads to the choice of this date to 5 November 1605, the day Guy Fawkes gave life to the “Conspiracy of the Powders”, event, this, made more famous by the comic book series V for Vendetta, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, and the film of the same name it inspired and directed in 2006 by James McTeigue.

Sources: FI, FP.

November 5, 1955: Emmett “Doc” Brown invents the Flux Capacitor, and thanks the sink is




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