‘Not the groom because...’: Anna Tatangelo disappointed by the decision by Gigi D'alessio

Published on Sep 30, 2018

Like every woman, even though Anna Tatangelo dreamed of the white dress and the big wedding with the partner, Gigi D'alessio, but unfortunately for her, the dream has faded ahead of the time

Gigi D'alessio and Anna Tatangelo do not marry more. Began almost everything was ready, and instead is faded in no time. Here's why.

Gigi D'alessio and Anna Tatangelo are back together after a period of crisis that had me thinking for a final break. When there is love, however, things can always adjust. And it is for this reason that the two singers are back together.

Now live together and grow as a family, serena and joined their little Andrea was born in 2006. The wedding would have been the icing on the cake for fans. Anna will not be very happy, at least this is what suggests its site viagginews.com.

All had thought that the decision not to marry, it revealed another profound crisis of the couple, but fortunately the two are always more and more in love for one another. And’ the neapolitan singer with a phone call to Roberto Alessi, director of Novella 2000 has made it clear the thing, revealing the reason for the marriage, at least for the moment, it is not contemplated:

“They told me to get married with Anna Tatangelo in Sardinia in Costa Smeralda and it is not true. With her everything goes well, the child grows, but no marriage and no change in the house. We are very well. Now, I apply it on my new album and the next concert I do close to Milan, in San Donato, September 29, for the San Donato Hospital Group”.

We hope that soon the two of us ripensino. It would be a dream to finally see them in front of the altar.

The article is Not the groom, because...’: Anna Tatangelo disappointed by the decision, Gigi D Alessio come from KontroKultura.


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