“Not even with a miracle I'll be back with her”: Gemma Galgani brutally humiliated

Published on Oct 12, 2018

Gemma Galgani, by now, accustomed to the disappointments of love. After the story with mr. Manetti, the lady has understood that finding love is a difficult thing. Here's what he told the knight in a recent interview

Gemma Galgani has resumed his adventure to Men and Women, while Giorgio Manetti has stopped playing the role of knight, and is back to his usual life, starting a project that seems to be the is giving a lot of satisfaction. George wanted to give an interview to the weekly magazine the New that also speaks of his former flame.

Apparently, the Seagull, found in life a new companion. Gemma Galgani is just a memory, a friend. In fact, reveals that the first person in the program make him the good wishes for her new project, she was:

“The first person to wish me the best for my new adventure, outside, by the staff of Maria De Filippi", she was with a message”

Giorgio Manetti has left “Men and women” and become a manager by opening a company that handles events while back to talk about his old flame, Gemma Galgani.

Even one of the members of the program, George Manetti is always a topic of interest to the public. She has even gone on a pilgrimage to St. Valentine, it is said to regain it:

“The only missing to go to Medjugorje and then we are the place”.

In short, Gemma is still very much in love with him even though it obviously is hard to admit it. Why to a return of the flame, as has repeatedly pointed out George, we need a true miracle:

“Gemma knows it, is over. Of course it may happen that I find myself in Turin or her to Florence and there we have a coffee for a chat between friends. In spite of everything, I think Gemma is a smart woman”.

As long as there is life there is hope, and the fans of the lady Gemma Galgani continue to hope for a “miracle”.

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