North korea Trump: “Can the great conflict against Pyongyang”

Published on Apr 28, 2017

With North Korea there is the risk of “conflict very serious. Of course”. He said the american president Donald Trump, adding, however, that would prefer to resolve the issue of the nuclear program of Pyongyang's diplomacy, however, “very difficult”. North korea Trump: “Can the great conflict against Pyongyang”. The president of the Usa, Donald Trump, interviewed by Reuters on the occasion of his 100 days in the White House, said that the conflict “large” or "great" with North Korea because of its nuclear program and missile Pyongyang is possible, but that he would prefer a diplomatic solution. “Of course, there is the possibility that you arrive at a big, big conflict with North Korea,” said the leader of the Usa. “We would like to resolve things through diplomacy, but it is very difficult”. In the interview, Trump said he is willing to pay to South Korea, the cost of the anti-missile system Thaad (one billion dollars), while has announced his intention to renegotiate trade agreements with Seoul. Trump then praised the chinese president Xi Jinping for his mediation efforts with Pyongyang: “We try really, I think. Does not want to see chaos and death. And’ a good person, I knew him well”. (ANSA)

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