NordVPN is Truly a Masterclass Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Published on Jan 16, 2018


NordVPN ranks as one of the most popular VPNs on the market. It has been featured by the world’s leading news and media organizations, tech companies and social platforms. These include Wired, Forbes, the Huffington Post, BBC, the Guardian, and Buzz Feed, among others. There are 3 areas that NordVPN shines bright: uninterrupted global connectivity, ironclad security and privacy, and 100% safe and secure Wi-Fi. 

The Internet was designed to be a decentralized network of safe and secure browsing, unhindered by government scrutiny, prying eyes and regulatory constraints. Unfortunately, that has not happened. Today, the Internet is controlled by various entities that can dig through your accounts, data, social profiles, purchase history, and biographic information.  Unfortunately, regulations also restrict what sites you can access too.

Fortunately, the best VPNs can act as a bulwark against such activity. NordVPN offers complete online freedom by acting as a buffer against censorship and limited access to websites, newsfeeds, social media access etc. With this VPN, browsers can easily access messaging apps, online media content, and use a smorgasbord of social networks at the click of a button. It is as close to complete online browsing freedom as possible. Of course, privacy is sacrosanct when browsing the Internet. The browsing behaviour of users should not be subject to constraints simply because users live in a certain country where government wants to restrict their access to information. 

This is especially true in countries like China and North Korea, where government has a virtual stranglehold on Internet browsing. With trusted VPNs like NordVPN – none of that is an issue anymore. All users have a private pathway to access the Internet at their leisure. Since traffic is encrypted and protected at all times with sophisticated military-style encryption protocols, no regulatory authority can crack the encryption provided by NordVPN. With privacy guaranteed, Internet browsing is as safe as houses. This means that whether you’re in an airport, at work, out in public, at a hotel, or anywhere where there is an Internet connection, hackers cannot break into your content regardless.

What Types of Security Features Are Available with This VPN Service?

NordVPN offers military-grade encryption technology. For the tech gurus out there, this means that the advanced encryption standard of 256-bit keys is in play. This was used by the US government for the storage of classified information. The encryption technology determines what level of encryption is best suited for your specific device. It also takes into account the server that you’re connecting to. One of the most innovative additions to the VPN service is the IKEv2/IPsec protocol. It uses the most sophisticated cryptographic algorithms and next-generation encryption technology. According to researchers, this type of cryptography and security is uncrackable. Deemed military-grade encryption, it is renowned for its remarkable imperviousness to threats, robustness, and performance standards. It is widely used for Mac operating systems and iOS devices across the board.




Other open source software used by NordVPN includes OpenVPN. It is deemed extremely reliable, safe and secure. This protocol is ideal for UDP ports and TCP ports. The algorithmic encryption technology utilizes 2048 bit DH Key and AES – 256-CBC for Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. Among the many benefits of using the NordVPN CyberSec are the blocking of botnets, dangerous websites, and bothersome advertisements. CyberSec understands real-time threats and dangerous websites, including malicious software, spyware, malware, botnets, tracking software and the like. Once the NordVPN product identifies your request to access a dangerous website, it automatically cross-references websites with the list of dangerous websites and blocks it accordingly. Warning messages will flash up on screen, preventing users from accessing these malicious websites.


High-End Features for Maximum Security, Privacy and Encryption

The list of features available with NordVPN are seemingly endless for a tech reviewer. For example, it is possible to encrypt online traffic twice with NordVPN. This double encryption technology is ideal for enhanced privacy and online security. Double virtual private network combinations are possible with the following countries: Taiwan/Hong Kong, Netherlands/Sweden, Canada/United States, France/United Kingdom and others. When using multiple encryption layers, clients typically experience a slowdown in Internet traffic and connectivity, owing to the additional layers of protection being offered. 
Whenever there is Internet censorship at play, double encryption can prove to be a valuable option for safe browsing activity. NordVPN user reviews on vpnMentor have been overwhelmingly positive, owing to the huge array of features provided by this virtual private network. For example, some of the features you can expect when opting in for this VPN service of the following:
P2P permissible

- No logs are maintained
- Lightning fast connectivity
- Access to a global network
- Onion over VPN is included
- Unlimited bandwidth potential
- Double encryption technology
- Accepts Bitcoin cryptocurrency 
- User-friendly and anytime cancellations
- Friendly and courteous customer support

Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback on NordVPN

Many reviewers have confirmed that NordVPN steadfastly refuses to hand over data about its users – that is certainly one of its many strong points. Perhaps its most endearing characteristic is the speed at which Internet traffic flows when connected to NordVPN. Several factors typically affect the speed of the server, including the location of the server, the server that is connected to, the time of the connection, and the number of other users connected at the same time. In recent times, this VPN company’s servers have displayed high-speed connections across the board. In the US for example, there are now 860 servers operating.

Overall, the company was running 2048 servers in December 2017. This is an indication that the company is enjoying robust growth and a high number of registered users. We have already discussed the double VPN features for encrypting data twice, and this VPN also unlocks the US Netflix – regardless of where you are. From a mobile perspective, NordVPN works wonders, and Internet browsing speeds are on par with PC and Mac. On a positive note, users can enjoy 6 devices per license and there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Thanks to a huge marketing presence, NordVPN is now one of the most high-profile VPNs on the market and it certainly lives up to its reputation.




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