No, the dog Ball is not dead. The history of the dog's most-loved web

Published on Feb 05, 2016

Among the top trends of the last few days than the last Tarantino film, The Hateful Eight, and the bad news on the state of health of Schumacher, we find the web flooded by news stories related to the events of the dog's Ball.

The animal jumped to the honor of the chronicles, after being tortured with a loop of nylon at the neck. The gesture cruel has disfigured gonfiandogli the muzzle, and attracting to him the solidarity of the audience that has been following the story. An audience-sensitive, up to the excess, in part because animal lover, and in part because discouraged vis-à-vis the intimate goodness of human beings.

Bring a player to the nose as you do with a buffalo when you drag by holding them by the ring that have attached to the muzzle is an ancient practice. Sometimes it is a joke and just for fun a little bit, as happens regularly every April 1, the other is a scam.

The term hoax, for the reference to a rural world, assumes that there is a coarse impostor, and a dull duped. The goal of hoaxes is to lure the most gullible and easily abbindolabili.

Relying on these weaknesses is to first spread the voice of the ghostly collections to save the life of the dog, and then those of his death. The poor Ball is dead, the victim of the malice and indifference of human.

In fact, this death is one among the many inventions of the hunters, click, been disproved by a video made in the veterinary clinic of sardinia where the Ball is in care while playing with other dogs.


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