No soap at Easter: how to change the programming of Channel 5 for the April 12, 2020


Published on Apr 10, 2020


What we will see on Channel 5 on Easter Sunday in the afternoon Sunday, which is usually dedicated to the soap of Mediaset? Easter changes: while on Rai 1 will air with the sun IN it and with us to free wheel, with the classic schedule of the Sunday, in short, on Channel 5, the programming is completely revolutionized. Sunday, April 12, 2020, in fact, will not be airing the beloved soap, which in this period continue to keep beating, even if in the last days, the ratings are slightly down!

Let's see what you choose to program for Easter Sunday.

The 14 immediately after the Tg5 is not going to be aired Beautiful, as usual. What we will see? Instead of the american soap will air the film Just a father with Luca Argentero.

The plot of the movie– The life of Charles, a dermatologist at the age of thirty, has always been perfect: loving parent, an established career, good friends. An existence adjust, with little space for feelings. But a sudden event, which is the death in childbirth of the wife, upsets him: Charles is only looking after his daughter Sofia, a young girl of ten months able to absorb all his energies, physical and mental, and to shake every certainty. For this boy's father – inexperienced and apprehensive – there seems to be space for nothing else. At least until he meets Camille, a young French researcher. In the face of his radiance and his ways enthusiasts and uncertain, Carlo feels reborn again. And, gradually, also began to understand the deep meaning of being a father.

To follow we will not see A life, in place of the soap in spain in the wave the film in the replication cycle Inga Lindstrom from the title, The lady of the lighthouse.

The plot of the movie– Victoria Savander receives an inheritance from an unknown benefactor, the properties of a lighthouse. Came to the place with a friend, try to find out something more about the reasons for the mysterious legacy. In the meantime, know the attractive Kristoffer Lund, lawyer and executor, who falls in love...

The bold and the Beautiful, One life, and The secret is waiting for us, instead of Easter Monday. On the 13th of April 2020, in fact, in the programming of the Channel 5 are provided for the soap.

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