No one can put Jessica Notaro in a corner


Published on Apr 15, 2018


I write this piece in first person because it is the time to do it. Yesterday evening, after listening to the first notes of the piece selected for the exhibition of Jessica Notaro and Stefano Oradei on Dancing with the stars 2018, I posted on the social message a little original perhaps, but significant. “No one can put Jessica in a corner. Wonderful” this is my message to you on Twitter, many other people have written similar sentences, understanding fully the message that Jessica and her master would have wanted to give. It was not just a quote from Dirty Dancing, was not only a dance forbidden that anyone would like that Jessica did not. There was a lot more in this quote.

We have tried Jessica to get in a corner and delete your smile, your beauty, your joy of living but have not made it. They tried to destroy everything that you find important: is not the beauty of your face but the voice that custodivi good and you wanted it to become your greatest asset. They wanted to put you in a corner. We have tried once and failed and are trying again with a clumsy attempt. No matter: it will be just another obstacle in a life that now then for you it will be uphill but each step is done, the satisfaction will be greater.

You are an example to us women, you're an example of strength, of courage. The insinuations put aside: there are those who say that without your sacrifice, without the disfigured face, without a gash in my soul today, you wouldn't be on the stage of Dancing with the stars. It takes courage to do certain similar allegations but on the other hand, if you have the courage to try to clear the face of a woman, with the words you can go even lower, because the rest of the words, none will be condemned. And to think that you that face the proteggevi with a helmet which does not separavi ever and I'm ready to bet that you would have preferred your life is made of love for the dolphins, small steps in the world of music, some fans and less on the social and a helmet that is eaten away by the acid, rather than a story as that which others have written for you.

But the stories you know, have an ending that is not always what you expect. And it happened to him who, in this story, he wanted to write a word in ORDER to be as big as a house, your the end. The stories may be fairy tales become nightmares, they can be nightmares and become fairy tales. Each of us a path to follow, and your life is that of rebirth. Revive a flower, and revive the track. Your scars are clearly visible, you can read your pain in your eye, are the ones who will never forget all that has been. No one, however, can put Jessica in a corner because Jessica from that corner you will find the strength to get up. Yours is a rare talent, a gift that few have. Your beauty goes beyond every scar and the strength of your look comes straight to the heart.

I don't know what it means to wake up every morning and think that the man you loved, you did all of this but I know that from the precipice you can see the light. And the greatest miracle is that light, thanks to you, will be able to see it, even other women. We do not allow that no one will put us in a corner. As did Jessica, as do other courageous women, we try in our lives our role better. We live, we love, because a smile does not erase with the acid.

A gesture of love sews the sky with heaven, threshold, threshold and life with life. An act of violence sews only black to black and in that darkness, does not engage no flower, no color, and no formula of the serenity.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

You Jessica you are that flower that gives hope. You are that light that drives away the evil. You're the red that killed the black. You are the life.

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