No comparison between the candidates in Marchirolo, Sunday, vote

Published on Jun 09, 2017

An election campaign on that in the last few weeks has inflamed Marchirolo, Sunday, June 11, will be called to the polls. A variety of topics source of friction between the lists in contention, that brought the group “Marchirolo in common” to ask for a comparison of the list “Marchirolo in evolution”. Comparison promptly rejected by the candidate for mayor Salvatore Parise, which sets out the reasons that have led him to decline the invitation. None of the lists waiver, however, to meet in the evening and the citizens for the official closing of the electoral campaign. No comparison between the candidates in Marchirolo, Sunday rate. Sunday, June 11 will be the local elections in 1021 Italian municipalities and between these there will also be Marchirolo. The election campaign in the country located in the upper province of varese, which took place in these weeks, has not seen a lack of friction between the lists in contention, conveyed mainly through social networks. The exchange of perspectives and opinions on, those in which the citizens marchirolesi have been able to assist in these weeks, and that the list “Marchirolo in common”, he proposed to tackle, in the past few days, inside a confrontation between the parties. “In the last few days the electoral campaign has reached a bitterness that we don't share – these are the words with which the list “Marchirolo”, on Tuesday, 6th June, introduced the invitation to the candidates ‘Marchirolo in evolution’ -. All to the detriment of the citizens who do not hear more talk about programs. For this reason, we want to create a space of dialogue for clarity. And the emergence of different projects of our own and those of Marchirolo in Evolution. We invite the candidate for mayor Parise to a confrontation”. On-time delivery is reached the response of the candidate for mayor Salvatore Parise and page Facebook of his list, he declined the invitation. “I would like to respond to the invitation from the list ‘Marchirolo in common’ by saying that, first of all, this meeting has never been nor requested nor agreed with the undersigned that, on the contrary, you see your own image being used without any authorisation. After 20 may, the date of the electoral commission, there is only one candidate for mayor, Masters, no one has called me as requested, " explains Parise -. As already said previously, and I invite anyone to smentirmi with posts and dates to the hand, our group is always being attacked and it is only limited to replicate: each answer had only the sense to stop the controversy or provocation. I think that what people at this time will not be just a political campaign made up of targeted attacks to disorient the electorate only for the purpose of benefit. The electorate does not need a talk-show or arenas that, in my opinion, they are low level and do not serve that to the emergence of political professionals. Our program seems to us very clear and we have difficulties to explain any content. The ‘comparison’ proposed was not required for the time, it was agreed, was not prepared and, from what we read, it completely ignores the other two lists of candidates, and even using a moderator. The purpose seems clear: to highlight and exploit my refusal. In fact – he concludes -, to this ‘invitation’ should be met with a firm refusal that is not given from fear of comparison, but from the strong conviction that this is only a manifestation of the last hour. We do not, we are”. Yesterday, Thursday 8 June, the acknowledgement of the list of “Marchirolo in common” that is said sincerely, with regret and surprise of the refusal. “We are sincerely sorry and a bit surprised by the refusal of the invitation to comparison the opposite by the candidate of the outgoing Administration. We thought it was a good opportunity to discuss of the points that we have been on opposite sides in these weeks, and to give to the marchirolesi a further opportunity to learn. It was decided, legitimately, to decline the invitation – the replication list ‘Marchirolo in common’ -. We do not reject, however, confronted once again with the citizens. For this reason we invite all of Friday evening in the piazza Borasio (or in the room Torreggiani in case of rain) to do what we have done so far: listen to your ideas for a Marchirolo best”. The comparison, therefore, there will be, in return, both lists to meet tonight to citizens for the final step of this on and felt the electoral campaign. If the a-list “Marchirolo in common” the appointment is at 21 in piazza Borasio, while “Marchirolo in evolution” will meet the citizens at the Council chamber of the town at 21. For New Force and “Marchirolo 2017”, instead, the election campaign ended. Sunday will be 3381 the inhabitants of Marchirolo called to the polls. Polling stations opened from 7 to 23.

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