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Published on Dec 10, 2016


In the era of the phablet is 5.5 or more inches, one smartphonecon screen 1.54 inch, well, it's small. Tiny! But this.1 G7 can also be a nice gift idea (for you or for others) that sometimes may also come in handy. Let's discover together the smartwatch as the world's smallest in our review published on TEEECH!

Small it is, but it will be convenient to use? I have to say that in the long run, even a smartphone, and too small as this NO.1 G7 can become uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. So much prefer to use with two hands. If we want to, then, it is not even a smartphone: the aesthetics can fool you (especially the navigation keys in the style of Android), but within this product, there is a system owner with a store application with a very minimal and a package of features that are already included in the system and that we will not be able to extend so as you might expect. However, one of the positive sides of this smartphone is that, if necessary, can well be linked to another device via Bluetooth and is worn as a smartwatch.

The data sheet speaks of a device to definitely savings, as it was logical to expect. Inside we find a processor that is not identified, however, enough to turn good this smartphone, because we can not do who knows what processes. No news on the RAM, while the screen, as already mentioned, it is a 1.54-inch display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

Among the features offered by this smartphone/smartwatch include the ability to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, store all the calls, and to synchronize, possibly, messages and contacts with your smartphone connected. Among the features on “smartwatch”, however, we point out the app dedicated to the tracking of sleep, heart rate, physical activity, and steps, as well as the possibility to receive a notification when we are sitting for too long.

To learn more about this particular gadget, and especially to see it in action, we recommend watching this on TEEECH that we published at the beginning of the article.

The price of the smartphone/smartwatch is about 40€ on GearBest.

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