Nintendo Switch: GameTech announces the release of the stylus to the console

Published on Apr 01, 2018

The success of the Nintendo Switch is so glaring that the accessories for the console are wasted!

On the heels of this success, the japanese manufacturer GameTech has officially announced the release of a Illustration Pen for Nintendo Switch.

This is a nib that is apparently very similar to other products for tablets, smartphones, and tablets on the market. In reality, from the pen of GameTech is designed for illustrators to work on Splatoon 2, then reserves many surprises.

In fact, this nib has a lot of features that make it a quality product. It has, for example, a small disc of transparent rubber attached to the end of the pen, so you can draw more quickly and with better results. The tip of the pen may be changed at any time and quickly and fast and, for the convenience of those who wield the pen, there will be a soft rubber grip.

GameTech has already said that the stylus will not be compatible with the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U because of technical differences relating to the touchscreen used. Unfortunately, for the time the distribution was made official only for Japan, but we hope that this Illustration Pen also arrive in Europe!

With the approach of the release of the Nintendo Labo, we should maybe also expect a new title in the Art Academy for the Switch? We'll see!

Source: NintendoSoup

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