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Published on Jan 18, 2018


With this new product, Nintendo have always been synonymous with innovation in the field of digital entertainment, continues his mission of bringing smiles on the faces of the people.

The kit Nintendo Labo will allow creative minds of all ages to transform sheets of cardboard into interactive creations called Toy-With, designed to work with the Nintendo console Switch and the controller Joy-Con.

Our imagination can give birth to different objects, ranging from a piano to a motorcycle, passing by a robot, and much more, the Toy-come to life when combined with the Nintendo Switch. As you assemble the kit, you will have the opportunity to find out more about the technology that makes them work, and even invent new ways to play with the various Toy-Con.

Among the various Toy-With available there is one that is a replica of a piano with 13 keys, working perfectly: once you have added a Nintendo console Switch and a Joy-With the right, users will be able to perform the songs they like the most. The IR camera motion in Joy-With the right detects which keys are pressed to play notes via the console speaker. The budding musicians will be able to feel the potential of Nintendo Co through their musical creations.

Those, instead, who has always dreamed of driving a bike can build a handlebar, inserting a Joy-to-side, and put the Nintendo console Switch in the center. Then, just press the power button and give it gas by turning the right knob to start the adventure on the screen of the Nintendo Switch.

“Our goal is to bring a smile on the face of all those who come into contact with Nintendo,” said Satoru Shibata, president of Nintendo of Europe. “With Nintendo Labo and Nintendo Switch, players can discover new ways to play, giving free rein to their creativity. I personally hope that many users will have fun to assemble the kit, along with their families, with a big smile on his face.”

Nintendo Labo will be available starting from the 27th of April across Europe, and YouTube is already available in the trailer for “A first look at the Nintendo Labo”, which we present below.

Judging by the video it seems that with Nintendo Labo, create and discover will be as much fun as play. The Toy-With come with exciting challenges and a different degree of difficulty, so each is a completely unique experience. You will be able to mount the Toy-together with friends or family, working together and sharing their experiences, and to increase the fun.

Once assembled the Toy, the more creative will be able to customize them with markers, stickers and paint, then the only limit will be our imagination! In fact, a special Set of customization, which includes stencils, stickers and colorful ribbon, will also be available for purchase starting from 27 April.

The debut in Europe for the Nintendo Labo is then on the 27th of April, and this will be in two kit is distinct: the assorted Kit and the Kit robot. Both contain all of the equipment required to bring life to the Toy-With, materials for the assembly and software for Nintendo Switches included.

Here we present in detail the different possibilities of the two kits available:

Assorted Kit
With the assorted Kit you can create so many Toy-With several, including the car RC Toy, fishing rod Toy, house Toy, bike Toy-With and the plan for the Toy-Con.

Kit robot

In conclusion, Nintendo manages to put in a nice shot of the market for its new Nintendo console Switch. The age range is, in particular, the medium to low (but not necessarily), who will then way, on the one hand, to consolidate the leadership of the franchise in that sector of the market where Nintendo is already very strong, and on the other, to exploit its users with all the creativity through the combined use of the console, and this new object, still a bit mysterious, that will still have some other ace in the sleeve is not revealed.

Ultimately if 2017 was concluded to the great start for the new flagship of the house of Nintendo, this new year promises to be on the same positive trend and we are absolutely sure that the surprises in the yard does not end here, as were also the announcement of the result of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the long-awaited release of a game on the Pokemon on the home console.

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