Nintendo replaces an old Game Boy, a grandmother of 95 years


Published on Feb 26, 2020


The customer service japanese is often considered to be the best in the world, but what Nintendo has surpassed frequently the expectations.

In the course of the years, it has replaced parts of the beloved 3DS a player for a pittance, has helped children overcome bullying and has even replied to the letter of a blind boy in braille.

Now it has emerged another moving story, this time involving a grandmother of 95 years.

Kuniko Tsusaka, the daughter of the woman, told the story of his mother in a letter to the Asahi Shimbun, one of the main national newspapers.

The Twitter user @SITM_K has tweeted an image of the story as it appeared in the Asahi Shimbun and soon went viral.

The letter begins with Tsusaka, who recalls how his mother loved to play Tetris with the original Game Boy. However, his mother fell ill when he was 95 years old and his Game Boy was the third he had owned, stopped working at the same time.

Have visited many shops to find a new one, but was no longer sold anywhere and could not be repaired.

The grandmother then wrote a letter to the old-fashioned way to the company: after you have sent the letter to Nintendo, with the Game Boy broke, the grandmother has received a reply from the company after a week.


— 埼玉犬也/Saitama.K (@SITM_K) February 20, 2020

The response enclosed a brand new Game Boy and a letter that he wished my grandmother a long life.

In the letter, Nintendo explained that it was not able to repair the old Game Boy since he did not have the parts, but he had a new one in stock, then gave it to shipped.

Needless to say, grandma was thrilled. Unfortunately the grandmother has died, at the age of 99 years, but at least he always had the Game Boy to make her company until the end.

Nintendo replaces an old Game Boy, a grandmother of 95 years old is




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