Nintendo: Pokémon for Switch to be released in 2018 (or later)!

Published on Jan 31, 2018

Looking for information about Pokémon for Nintendo Switch? Here are the first official news!

Nintendo has just announced its financial results for the end of the year 2017. In the documentation released there are numerous spoilers for the titles in the output for Switch in 2018.

From the document we discover that, in addition to the games already confirmed to be a Bayonetta 2, and Kirby Star Allies, following the release of three important titles for the year 2018: Fire Emblem, Yoshi and Pokémon!

The title is for now just temporary, but we know for certain that the work for the new Pokémon game has already begun!

The wording of the documentation in relation to the new Pokémon RPG reports, as a release date, “2018 or later“, so Nintendo is probably in an embryonic stage of the project, so much so that many fans say that the title is expected to be available in 2019. For enthusiasts, the most hopeful, Nintendo of Europe launched a few weeks ago a survey for the players in which he asked what titles would have been likely to buy this year and, among the hypotheses, there was just the game of Pokémon for the Switch.

Yes, they are!! @japanese3ds @GoNintendoTweet @ContraNetwork_

— Felipe Lima (@lipe_necrohunt) January 15, 2018

The objective of Nintendo is to release the new title Pokémon at the end of this year?

The new title does not know much, but have leaked some information, such as the fact that will not be introduced new Mega Evolutions, that would be a new type of move, the Z-Move. The rumors also say that the setting of the new game, which will not be a continuation of the previous games as Ultrasole and Ultraluna, will probably be inspired by a mediterranean Country such as Spain or Italy.

Pokémon for Nintendo Switch in 2018? In 2019? For now the official news is still very limited, but at least we know directly from Nintendo that something is moving! We hope to learn soon more!

What do you think of the new title Pokémon? Please let us know!



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