Nintendo: announced a new Nintendo Direct

Published on Sep 13, 2017

Nintendo has announced that at midnight of today will broadcast a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the titles that will be released in the coming months on the Switch, and 3DS

Fans of the big N's can spend sure a night in the company of their preferred company.

Nintendo, in fact, announced that at 00:00 of this night will be broadcasted a new Nintendo Direct, which focused on the titles that are coming in the coming months about the new Nintendo console Switch and the portable Nintendo 3DS.

The Direct will last exactly forty-five minutes, most of the scheduled event for last E3 2017.

Many gamer are thoughtful and ready to understand what the house of Kyoto has planned for them. Nintendo has specified that the transmission will be mainly focused on the Nintendo 3DS and the Switch, thus excluding the possible titles for the mobile platform.

However, there is the remote possibility that it may be announced some new title, not yet shown, and with a 2017 rich of outputs additions to Nintendo: maybe you will see something for the coming year, making happy all of us fans.

In addition to the already mentioned Super Mario Odyssey, we imagine can be shown in action Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which should be out by the end of the year, maybe with the announcement of the official release date.

Will not fail to appeal Fire Emblem Warriors since 20 October will debut on the Switch, as well as a Pokémon Tournament RIGHT on the 22nd of September.

You can follow the digital event directly on the official website of Nintendo Direct, or alternatively on the YouTube channel of Nintendo Italy.

You what news are you expecting from this event? Tell us yours in the comments below!


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