Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe is available on YouTube


Published on Mar 27, 2020


Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe is an american television series superhero based on the characters of Valiant Comics. The series sees Michael Rowe as the main character Ninjak who has to fight against his former allies, all superheroes in their own right.

Initially it was distributed as a series in six episodes on and then was made also available as a film.

Now, Valiant has decided to make available all the episodes also on YouTube.

Colin King / Ninjak is the most lethal agent and intelligence expert on weapons of MI6. When the ruthless killer Roku takes advantage of his biggest weakness, Ninjak is forced to betray his closest allies. Now, on the run, must face the heroes are the most powerful known to man, no prisoners, with the horizon, the clash, the most dangerous and most unpredictable of all the ones he has faced before.

The webserie of six episodes, published by Valiant Digital (a division of Valiant Entertainment) starring Michael Rowe (Colin King, alias Ninjak), Jason David Frank (Bloodshot), John Morrison (Eternal Warrior), Chantelle Barry (Roku), Kevin Porter (Armstrong), Ciera Foster (Livewire) and Derek Theler (XO Manowar).

In Italy the series badged Valiant are currently published by Edizioni Star Comics.

Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe is available on YouTube is




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