NINE, Beyond Erotica: photos De Nardo, in search of the beauty of the imperfect

Published on Jun 17, 2016

“The nude as an end in itself does not make sense. Also – as a by-product of communicating – should make us think. Must move. Should make you dream. Has to move the strings intimate of the soul.” Strange that I should say a man, strange for me to say a photographer of female nudes. For once we are on the other side of the lens, in the eye of the beholder beauty unveiled. I have to tell them how you feel. In an extensive interview.

1 – let's Start from the beginning. The erotic photography according to Luca De Nardo.

Erotic photography is portrait photography. It is to tell with images the essence of the people. It is to tell, as my daughter has taught me, that with a picture you may discover that “what we do not see, in reality is not.”

2 – Where do you find your models? How do you choose?

Where it happens. Some I have chased in a mall, with the risk of being arrested. I'm not interested in the models of agency, the educated mainly to do pose 1, pose 2, pose 3. I am interested in the common woman, the one who poses for pure personal pleasure, who wants to tell something to others, but mostly to herself.

The look is the fundamental thing, the mouth, the hands, as communication interfaces. Perfect body I do a little, because we are not perfection, sculpted bodies and dangerous curves. There is the imperfect, which is what interests me the most. Seeking content, not containers.

3 – the Backstage. What happens on the set. As you come to the nude.

There is a method, a formula that I follow slavishly. If I can be the monster that is MY photography, my research. I ask simply: “do you Want to take with me? This is my photography” pointing to my Tumblr, where I am free to publish without censorship. And I would add, causing, that I do erotic photography. Take it or leave it.

What happens on the set, it happens. The woman who poses for me is free to do what he wants. Indeed, it must be free, must be herself, tell the one that has the pleasure of unveiling. Often for them it is a liberating act. When the meeting we speak, the look in his eyes and I have a projection of the light can emanate; I share with them my idea but the woman portrayed is an integral part of the story I tell. The set is an act of co-creative.

4 – If I had to name just one, which is the quality of female who most of all communicates eroticism?

Simply be themselves, with no barriers nor taboo. The woman is closest to pleasure and eroticism than you can imagine. It is false to believe that they are the men to be closer to the sexual sphere, is the woman to have a link is full and direct. Unfortunately, the are taught not to manifest it, not to look for it, not own it and live it because it is sin.

What is the best quality erotica is a prerequisite in the wrong and limiting. Eroticism is a state of mind and, as such, is manifested in infinite varieties.

5 – Complete the sentence. A sensual woman is the woman who:

Is secure of herself and does not need to undress, because everything comes from a certain self-awareness. That's it, that will be a woman who will be sensual for the whole life.

6 – And is an excellent lover if?

If first is mistress of herself, know her body and pleasure, seeks out and lives without fear, especially in the intimacy and loneliness. A woman who knows how to enjoy herself, is a great lover.

7 – And man? When is a good lover?

When you know how to “dance” with his mistress and manages to not be predictable. Also, and especially, to bed.
When you know how to be Master and Slave at the right time.
When you are able to lose physical perception of a woman and she can lead to the dark side, between the dream and the perversion leading to open the door of the I the most intimate and secret. In practice, a good lover is the one who is mentally at the height of the woman next to him.

8 – Psychology of women: now you are a expert. According to your experience, what does capitulate a woman?

It is a complex question .. but there is one concept to always keep in mind: do you feel a woman at the center of your mental attention, not only sexual.

9 – Transit into the immaterial, we introduce NINE, your last job. Let's start from the title of the exhibition, that we understand is a sort of subtext of the project. Tell us something about the technical and the poetic of this work.

Let's say that with NINE I try to understand how to be able to represent and tell the stories masturbation female, not as a sexual act but as a pursuit of pleasure. And to do this I started with a basic requirement: to start all over again, start from scratch and destroy everything, dematerializing the size, shape and material, withdrawing the same photograph with the mad conviction of being able to convey the image in the new size.

I returned to the eroticism as an essence. I worked on the dismemberment of light and shadow in order to conceive a new kind of minimalism of the message, to try to fill the new image of sensations. NINE involves the perception of multi-sensory. It is time-boxed into a new dimension, as told in a single image repeated 9 times; the time of the eroticism, the becoming of the eroticism.

10 – A job on the pleasure of women: elusive, evanescent, and composite. According to you, the sexuality of women is really so complex?

Complex is (or becomes) when it is the same woman, not knowing the pleasure.

11 – Motion and plurality, deceive the perception and distraction from the figurative representation of the nude. Where do you want to bring the viewer?

I want it to travel with the mind, to imagine, to dream. I want to feel the smell of pleasure, the sound of pleasure, the feel of the pleasure, the taste of pleasure; not only vision.

12 – According to you, because erotic photography is almost by definition female? Because there is the same attention to the male body?

Because it is a question relating to the time in which we live, to society, to the costumes in use, to religion. Is due to as much as up to the present has been taught, where the male has a role and women another.

The issue is not a problem absolute, so much so that in the greco-roman period, the eroticism was mainly male in his iconographic representation, or, however, the prerogative of both sexes.

13 – If you do not fotografassi women, what would be your subjects?

Shot any thing to give me emotion.
A day in the company of a customer, I was doing industrial photography, I was shooting floors industrial. The work is finished I asked him to leave me the equipment for a few minutes. I was fascinated by the composition, the chromatic complexity of the materials and metals used for the individual components. I photographed them as though taking a woman. The plant Manager, knowing me as a photographer of the nude, was stunned. And at the end he told me: ”you are a fool”.

14 – finally. Question itchy, from crazy to crazy .. Theme: Luke and the porn. Course:

I recommend everyone to watch porn, remembering that there is porn and porn. What good and what NOT. At least to understand that eroticism still has a smell.

NINE from Luca De Nardo on Vimeo.

NINE, Beyond the Eroticism of Luca De Nardo
from June 19 to July 31, 2016,
Space Intolab, ex-Lanificio, Naples


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