Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev: “it is Not true that we hate”


Published on Feb 08, 2017


Photo: @ Instagram/ Nikki Reed

How many years have we waited for a news like that? Well, finally, Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed have decided to silence the voices that would be perpetually on a war footing, bitter enemy and rival in love.

For a long time, the press invented stories bogus on the Nina, the victim of a Nikki executioner and thief of boyfriends, but apparently the two actresses have decided to say enough is enough and have done so by posting on social the beautiful photos that you see here above and that portrays smiling and well-connected with the “object of the litigation” Ian Somerhalder.

“In recent years we thought it was better to fight against the rumors to be unfounded with the silence. But we realized that our silence was seen as an opportunity to fill the empty spaces with falsehood. We think that we have a huge responsibility towards the young girls because at the end of the fair they go there to lose.” wrote the wife of Ian on Instagram, “These gossip sites take advantage of their passion for a tv show (no.d.r. The Vampire Diaries), replacing it with anger. That's why we want to put an end to all of these stories about jealousy experienced on the set, and betrayals packed, friendships lost, and the stories of women who hate women. These are only consequences of the false news reported by these sites, and we think we have the moral responsibility to tell you the truth.”

Nikki then has to face a real declaration of war, these web sites are sensationalist:

“We turn to these sites shameful, that target an audience more and more young and own this audience, inspire certain thoughts of hatred, of that age girls are more sensitive, more vulnerable and more malleable. Writing some titles teach us about the hate. I lived it in first person. Hopefully, then, you start to see a change in the way we treat one another and in the way we look at ourselves.”


What do you think of the words of the star of “Twilight“?




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