Nicoletta killed in Marsala, the killer reveals: “I had given to the little good”


Published on Mar 20, 2019


It was resolved in a few hours the yellow of the disappearance of Nicoletta Indelicato, the young man disappeared from Marsala on Sunday. After the complaint from the parents of Nicoletta, worried by his failure to return home, the police are immediately involved to understand what had happened to the girl. It seems that Nicoletta has been seen just before disappearing into nothing at a bar, she was happy and chatted with friends. It is not yet clear if among these there was also the detained person accused of being his assassin. There is no doubt that Nicoletta was killed for some messages sent on a social network for phrases. He confessed that for many years was a friend of Nicoletta, but apparently, he had a great relationship with the girl.

To kill the young Romanian girl who was adopted by a family of Marsala, it was another girl always adopted that, apparently, was spent with the Indelicato. It seems that the investigators, thanks to the messages that are on social, to have immediately understood what was the motive of this murder.

You can die for a phrase too? Apparently, at least according to the words of Margareta Funny, girl of 29 years who has confessed: “I killed her because I had given on the [email protected]”.

A phrase on a social network message: this is the motive that would have impelled the Funny to kill, with the complicity of her boyfriend, Nicoletta. Kicks, punches: a battered body that of a girl of 25 years you would have paid with the life of the offenses on the social. The two would then also stabbed Nicoletta and finally would have tried to get rid of his body by burning it.

According to the latest news coming in from Sicily, the fundamental would be the cameras in this story.

The assassins were caught by surveillance cameras of a well-known local marsala. The girl was noticed in the early hours of Sunday, march 17, in the company of Funny. From that moment, the police have started to focus their investigations on the last and her boyfriend, Carmelo Bonetta.

All the anger of the citizens of Nicoletta is poured out on the social profiles of the two assassins that hours have been targeted. Thousands of comments, insults and threats to Margareta and her boyfriend after what they did to Nicoletta.

In the coming hours the police will try to figure out what really happened. Because if between the two women there was good blood, does not explain the why of a set output. And then there was the premeditation?

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