Nicola Porro positive for coronavirus: the Fourth Republic at risk of suspension


Published on Mar 09, 2020


The Ap yesterday gave a preview of the news of the positivity of a person within the editorial staff of The Hyenas, and today, communicates, with the same timeliness another news. It seems, according to the sources of the news agency, that a few hours ago Nicola Porro did the swab to check its positivity to the coronavirus. According to what is learned, the result would have been positive. The journalist, engaged at the moment in the run of the program the Fourth Republic, on the Network 4, so it would be a positive result to the test for the new coronavirus. As reported by the Adnkronos, the transmission Network 4 at the time would have been suspended for at least two weeks.

What he learns the Adnkronos, Nicola Porro, conductor of the “Fourth Republic”, is a positive result to the swab of the Coronavirus. For this reason, the transmission this evening on the Network 4 will not go in the wave.

Two hours ago Nicola Porro on social he posted a video to talk with the people who follow him just for the coronavirus, but had not given any news about his health conditions. Right at the beginning of the video, the journalist, coughing.

The handler in each case, at the moment has not yet confirmed or denied the news that has been beaten an hour ago from Ap.

The transmission of Nicola Porro should go on air today 9 march 2020. At the moment Mediaset has not released any official statement on the matter. We therefore await further news.

In the meantime, the firm instead of The Hyenas who will not go on the air for two weeks.

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