Nicola Panic: ‘Sara Affi Fella he faked an illness to make me tell the truth, he wanted...

Published on Sep 28, 2018

With his scandal Sara Affi Fella has become sadly famous. This is what emerges from the latest statements of Nicola Panic her ex

Sara Affi Fella, the former tronista of Men and Women, has admitted he lied. Nicola Panic with his confession has exposed the game to the detriment of the preparation.

Nicola Panic would have decided to tell all in an exclusive interview on Witty tv. His words stinging are doing around the web. The player would have revealed that the parents of Sara were always aware of the fact:

"To avoid that I come on television to tell the truth, they would have staged a fake illness with the ambulance to the house. They would even hooded for it to go to Turin from the new boyfriend."

Really absurd what emerges from the story of the Panic.

Nicola would take courage and would have told the truth when he discovered the betrayal with the footballer seria A, Vittorio Parigini.But it seems that now the player has already mollata.

This story stinks still a great deal. It is obvious that they must come home to roost the other nodes that still do not imagine even. We hope to see soon the bet to understand more about and above all, to understand how you took the story of Maria De Filippi and his editors.

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