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Published on Dec 26, 2018


We enjoyed Ni No Kuni II: The Fate of a Kingdom will be happy to return to the magical world in which the game is set to take part in new challenges and grab the pieces of equipment of all respect. However, how varied is the gameplay of the title, also for this second DLC has chosen to move in the direction of the Mazes, which may not be acceptable to all the players who maybe would like to see implementations in the Management of the Kingdom or the addition of other Battles and missions of a different type.

In The Labyrinth of the king Ghost, players will face a new enemy that threatens to destroy the Kingdom of Eostaria. But before he could collide with him, it will be necessary to resolve some parallel missions and make your way through 100 floors. I should also mention that thanks to the most recent update to the Ni No Kuni II: The Fate of a Kingdom was removed the level cap, so you can now grow their characters up to level 120.

The heart of this expansion is the new Labyrinth, which is structurally very similar to the ones we are already accustomed to, with some small differences:

By defeating enemies present in the new Maze, by exploring and opening up the many treasures contained in it, you can get the equipment and materials that will help you not just in the course of your adventure, and are more suited to the characters no longer level up to 99, but 120.

As far as difficulty, I played as always on a Difficult level, that in truth is not as hard as his name might let you believe. However, some of the bosses on this difficulty can kill you with a single blow. Scaling the difficulty on Normal, then only one level, the difference is abysmal: not only are the fights are obviously much shorter, but those against the same boss of the above become of a disarming simplicity, because their shots will inflict an amount of damage is extremely negligible.

An interesting novelty is the introduction of two different combat styles, one inspired by Gatmandù and the other to Sequonia: the first style allows you to move more quickly on the ground game and use of powerful special attacks, but if you love the latest technology, then the style of Sequonia will do it for you! Once you unlock the styles, you will be able to buy new abilities and upgrade them simply by going in the Field or in a Large Field Training Eostaria.

This added provides additional options for customization of the party and allows you to experiment with different combinations of styles and choose which is more suited to your tastes and your style of play.

The Labyrinth of the king Ghost is an add-on content that will ensure you several hours of gameplay, and also introduces as a main novelty, the addition of two combat styles to be customized. However, the fact that the main theme is the exploration of another Maze could be boring for some players who maybe would prefer other types of missions. Since this is the second DLC focuses on a new Maze, however, it is likely that now Level-5 decides to explore the many other possibilities of expansion that offers a rich gameplay and compelling as that of Ni No Kuni II: The Fate of a Kingdom.

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