[NFL] Week 9: falling Star (the Tennessee Titans vs Dallas Cowboys 28-14)


Published on Nov 08, 2018


Nothing to do... Not the long-awaited arrival of the new purchase, the receiver Amari Cooper, and even the return of the former Jason Witten, for the first time in Dallas as a commentator, are enough to give a shock to the Cowboys, swept 28-14 by the Tennesee Titans, and pushed more and more away from a possible landing to the playoffs. True, it still misses half the season and a comeback is always possible, but honestly it seems difficult to coach Garrett and his can revitalize a season that is starting to be a failure. And the way in which it came to the k.or. home on Monday Night, has set off a storm of rumors about the fate of head coach Garrett and the offensive coordinator, Linehan. The father-owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones has already made clear that a change of coach is not imminent, but the irritation of the grand chapter for the performance of his, and it seemed obvious, as well as in the post race was a clear position of the same Jones on another element chatted a lot, the quarterback Prescott, about which the good Jerry has spoken even of renewal.

Tennessee, however, it was confirmed the team is not spectacular, but extremely solid and concrete, and thanks to the success in earth texas boys coach Vrabel are back to 50% win (4-4) for one race delay by the Cincinnati Bengals, the last team to compete in the playoffs if the league ended today.

Returning to the Cowboys, once again, trouble for the team from texas arrived from an attack and, after two initial series definitely promising, it is then turned off up to score in the first three drives of the second half, the misery of the 26 yards and a lost ball. Prescott immediately looked neoacquisto Amari Cooper, but after a good full second game he has missed with a launch definitely out of measure at the end of the drive home then, when Dallas seemed to be one step from the 14-0, the director of the house has forced a passage even to the Cooper, under double coverage, with the result of being intercepted by Byard.

Once again, questionable decisions, and a ball held in the hand, too long have influenced in a negative way the performance of the Prescott. The statistics are not evil, 21 of 31 for 243 yards with two goals and an interception, but the product by Mississippi State was never able to give a minimum of pace and his team, also thanks to a-line offensive, especially in the second time he has struggled terribly to bear the impact of the pass rush of the guests. The debut of the highly anticipated Cooper was definitely positive (5 receptions for 58 yards and a destination), even if he is gone in the “nothingness” of the second half. Good reception even the rookie Gallup (3-51), while it never managed to affect a Beasley served a little and badly. The only loot worthy of note is the attack coach Garrett are so the 112 yard brought home from Elliott, who, however, if on the one hand it is invoked as a receiver, on the other hand has alternated very good races to bring decidedly negative when it crashed into a wall of white shirt.

The defense has played a good game, here, too, especially in the first half of the race, when it has well content racing of the guests, then has continued to limit Mariota on the passing game, but slowly he gave in front of the couple of runner Dion Lewis-Derrick Henry. Best in the field for the department of coach Marinelli has been a Lawrence a great day, author of, among others, one of the 5 sacks made by the team of the house, and two hurries. Good level of pass rush they did the other two end Crawford and Charlton while in the sub to the positive performance of the play cornerback Byron Jones, Awuzie and Anthony Brown have done is contrasted with the evidence impalpable of safety, the Woods and the Heath.

Attack of the Titans will certainly never be confused with that of the Saints, but in spite of some error at the end Mariota and his companions have inflicted 28 points to a formidable defense like the Cowboys. Mariota has attempted just two passes over 20 yards, one of which is completed thanks to receiving the miraculous to Darius Jennings, then, for the rest, he patiently took what the defense Dallas gave him, using not rarely also her legs for some money as important as the last destination. The only terminals of Mariota over the two receptions were Corey Davis, whose average catch does not reach the 10-yard Dion Lewis, the which to gain and more full-bodied in the passing game came through a screen, i.e. a passaggino short, then it turned into a run from 37 yards. In an era of the passing game far, Tennessee has confirmed the team “racing” saw that in front of 29 steps and the men of Vrabel ran 36 times. Overall, the rushing game has not been particularly effective (the average was a 3.5-yard), however, especially in the second time has kept in constant apprehension for the defense of the Cowboys easing the pressure on Mariota and the passing game.

In defence impressed me, especially the linebacker Jayon Brown and Wesley Woodyard, the authors of two sacks and 8 tackles while the couple Adoree Jackson and Byard has also helped to limit heavily the passing game of the house. Two glaring errors on the play cornerback Butler, who picked off the fake of the receiver, opponents are gearing up for the two signatures, a Cooper, and the other of Hurns. Under the tone this time instead of the strong tackle Casey that he has had 5 hurries, but he has struggled not just against the run and has the “clicking” some of the tackles.

And the start of the race was promising to the people of Garrett, which in the two actions were just as many first downs, one with a stroke Elliott thanks in part to the first receiving jersey the Cowboys of Cooper. Two other fine courses of Elliott of them dragged then the owners of the house from inside the end zone, but a step widely wrong of Prescott forced the texans to a field goal on paper is not difficult, from the 20 Titans, but that Maher was wrong in a rather resounding, confirming the kicker is anything but reliable. Tennessee instead, all he could to close down thanks to a penalty, then three actions after the defensive end Lawrence pounded on the snap the tackle Conklin and struck the arm of Mariota lost the ball recovered after a long carom from linebacker Sean Lee on the 15 Titans. From here, a run and a reception of Elliott and brought the team home inside the 5, and on second down, Cooper ran a trajectory to re-enter later, suddenly returned, evading the guard play cornerback Butler and getting everything just the ball, his first goal in the jersey Cowboys.

Another minute of the game and the Titans got a new disaster: Mariota and the runner Dion Lewis pasticciavano with the hand off and fumbles the following was retrieved from Jaylon Smith. On the first zone after the fumble Prescott and Elliott combined for a very effective screen that bore 37 yards and was joining the Cowboys on the 4 opponents, but the excellent opportunity was squandered because the same QB of the house forced a pass in the end zone to the Cooper, and the ball was falling prey to the safety Byard. After having risked a third, sensational omelette (a fumble on the reception of the tight end Stocker was judged to be incomplete), floor plan the attack on the guest entered the game. A couple of complete to Taylor and Davis allowed the Titans to arrive in the mid-field host, and then two races Mariota and Lewis from 12 yards made them land on 11 opponents. And here with tooth and nail for the guests before shutting down with a QB sneak of Mariota then impattavano the result thanks to a goal of power of Henry.

On the change of the face of Dallas was produced in a “three and out” while Tennessee, thanks to a Mariota finally inspired, he put the nose forward. The director, former Oregon closed a third and long thanks to a nice step in Batson, despite good pressure from the defensive line to Dallas, then on another third down problem, invented a large torpedo to Jennings that he received in an incredible way in the midst of three opponents. Then on a first and ten from the 18 Mariota needed a good screen to Dion Lewis, who took advantage of the large blocks of the line and brought forward guests. The reaction of Dallas was however immediate, with Prescott serving the tight end Jarwin for 10 yards, and then, thanks to the three races Elliott came another first down. So it was all a figment of Prescott with two beautiful steps toward the inside, and fished before Deonte Thompson then Cooper for 30 yards. Then on a second and ten, the defense of the Titans was left completely uncovered Hurns received from Prescott, he thanked her and returned the score to parity. All could predict a second time, fought with Dallas, which, thanks to a sack by Ross forced immediately to punt guests.

On the overthrow in front of the Cowboys committed the second serious error of the game. After you close one down, Prescott was saccato from linebacker Jayon Brown, who with the stubbornness did lose possession of the oval to the director, the opponent with the fumble recovered by Woodyard already in the mid-field of the texans. The men of Vrabel did before rely on three rides of Lewis that fruttavano 17 yards then Mariota completed two short passes to Davis and Taylor useful to move the ball since the 7 opponents




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