[NFL] Week 5: Win on Sunday (Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns 9-12)


Published on Oct 09, 2018


Derrik Willies and Greg Joseph.

They are the Unsung Hero of the first victory for the Browns in a Sunday Game after 35 attempts went empty. The rookie WR from Texas Tech, the debut on the gridiron in the league, and came in for the injury Higging, he finished with 3 receptions for 61 yards, the last of which he tipped the FG Joseph with a ciabattata worthy of the great Pippo Inzaghi gave the second victory of the season to the team from Ohio, the first against a rival divisional after 18 consecutive defeats (and a draw, the one with the Steelers in week 1).

Cleveland, after be went under 3-0, has controlled, at least in the score, the game until the last drive of the fourth quarter thanks to a TD of Higging, an interception and kick, blocked by Denzel Ward and a FG of Joseph. A drop of Michael Crabtree and the subsequent kick of Tucker sent the game to extra where the two teams have not been able to build a drive that could put an end to the agony of the one or the other. A few minutes from the end, when the tie seemed to be the only possible result, and arrived in the series the big play of the Willies, and the two races of Johnson that have set the table for the knuckball of Joseph that he sent into a frenzy, and the First Energy Stadium and gave yet another opportunity to Jr Smith to take off his shirt and show us all his tattoos.

After the performance, convincing in MNF last week, it was reasonable to expect something more from the Ravens, especially in attack. Baltimore is often able to exit from field positions complicated but he has struggled tremendously to realize the opportunities created, as, to certify the 0-3 in the red zone. The vikings launched a few yards from the end zone and the fumble in the last stage, when Baltimore seemed to finally take in hand the game, are the two situations the most obvious but the same drop Crabtree a few seconds from the end, which would have given the W to the Ravens, and the football, blocked by Denzel Ward at the end of the first time demonstrate how in the important moments, both lacked a bit of lucidity. In particular, I would expect a more massive YOU by the Ravens in some areas of the field, in view of the difficulties of the home side's defence in covering this type of player but despite this “lack” would be enough a little more attention to win a game that was at the hand of team Harbaugh.

The defense, as always, behaved very well. Continues the streak of games without allowing a TD in the second time as it rises to 15 the total calculation of points awarded after the interval, a misery. Baltimore is able to bring a lot of pressure in the backfield of the Browns and negate the running game of Cleveland, and often forcing Mayfield to search for solutions that are improbable, but, as I said, there has been little assisted by an offense unable to produce, and take advantage of the amount of game produced. A difficult question to ask, then, is more a department that is the reason for not only the Ravens have a positive record, but they have concrete chances to fight for a place in the playoffs.

Mayfield has certainly revolutionised the environment in Cleveland, but the real reason for this good start to the season by the Browns is “imputed” to a defense that, after 5 games, has already surpassed the total number of turnover forced the whole of last season. Also this week I got a interception and a fumble in two crucial moments of the match to which, having regard to the outcome, to be added to the FG, blocked by Denzel Ward before the interval the long. Well the DL, best LB in pass coverage, but the real star of this defense is always more of the former buckeyes that week after week is showing with facts why the choice of the Browns to focus on him with the 4° absolute has been one of the most far-sighted of the recent history of the franchise of the Ohio.

The afternoon offensive of the Browns is not of those that will go down in history. After the 42 points of Oakland, many were under the illusion that this could be the production on a weekly basis of the offense Haley, but the reality, of course, is and will be very different. Mayfield will continue to make mistakes “rookie” and as long as you will not find a WR2 reliable take a bit of pressure to Landry the aerial game will inevitably breaks but the potential to do well is there and the former Sooners seems to be the leader the right to entrust the destinies of the deductible. Va fixed something in the line offensive because it is not possible always in the miracle of the Bakerone National, but to be able to limit the to against the defense, the more dominant of the league is an encouraging sign for the future.

Over the weekend Baltimore flies in Teneessee to face the enigmatic Titans in a challenge that will probably be once again to low-scoring and decided by the details, while Cleveland, unbeaten at home, host the Chargers of the immortal Rivers. We need a total performance to get the better of a team that can put up points every drive and, despite the injuries, has a defense with the quality to put in difficulty the attack of the Browns.




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