[NFL] Week 5: Weekend of rest for the Chicago Bears


Published on Oct 10, 2018


In the week when our team is resting, we had to reconfirm our division is complex and highly competitive. The most difficult of the alloy according to the writer.

But despite the Sunday off we keep the reigns of the NFC North!

The defeat of the Packers in Detroit reaffirms what I wrote last week regarding the size of the team of Green Bay, the feeling is that this team is not solid and that when we play away do not have the same energy and desire to win that makes the difference in Wisconsin.

The Lions won for the third time in a row against the Packers, something that had not happened for a couple of decades and make Ford Field a field of battle interesting; Matt Patricia played the trick on his old friends of New England and made us a great pleasure beating the Packers allowing us to maintain the safety distances.
Mason Crosby has been wearing shoes on the contrary, 4 field goals wrong on 5 attempts, in addition to the stake fantozziano on the extra-point in the series, EXCUSE me, WHO DID the POLE?, make us sleep peacefully for another weekend.

Instead, those who deserved to win are the Vikes, who, after the defeat of Los Angeles, they conquered the reigning champions in Philadelphia.
The receivers vikinghi are real chips and Cousins throws them very well making them rotate in the right way. Will of the great tests of the secondary to win against them.

With the updated leaderboard Detroit is a bit of breath and perhaps even trust, Green Bay loses, while Minnesota is a step forward that could be the start of a good fight from here to the end with the Packs.
We are here at the top for the moment, happy to stay there, and we are going to face the trip to Miami with his team, seems to have lost his way.
The Dolphins started very well against the Bengals, they lost a match that was within their reach, unable to handle the race.
We are not afraid, but to obey them.
Perhaps fear is a feeling most of them, that's all, at this stage.

Shortly before the start of Sunday football, we Chicago Bears Italy we invited Billy Flores, the founder of the D Fence Guys in Chicago tifosissimi fans and season ticket holders for over 11 years at Soldier Field, to have a friendly chat to 360° on the most loved sport of Chi-Town.
Billy oozes football from every pore, the interview with him is something that brings me back to Illinois faster than light.
Born a so a heartfelt brotherhood overseas, combining sport, passion, beer and the Bears, and this initiative that we attach below, with the intention of sharing those that are for us, the true values of the sport in the hope that all can get the pleasure.
Thanks Billy!

Now a week of work before a nice weekend of fishing in Florida.




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