[NFL] Week 5: The climb continues (Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansans City Chiefs 14-30)


Published on Oct 09, 2018


The best offense (Chiefs) vs the best defense (Jaguars) in the NFL, the prediction is in favour of the champions of the house in the red jersey. Mahomes, the young promise of the Chiefs who enters the field with a series of 4 victories behind, with more than 4 TD per game, with a scramble of 10-yards, after a drive to the limit of perfection (8 steps completed on 8), located immediately to the touchdown in the early minutes of the race.

The counterparty Bortles instead, it makes a lot of effort into the fight, throwing many incomplete,many of these inaccurate, or out of the way,especially about the impressive defense of the Chiefs, who manages throughout the game, to put pressure on the QB in 5 mesh with the Jaguars, forcing him most of the time to launch an interception.

Throughout the game, until the 3rd quarter, is dominated by the “commanders” in the red jersey, they are able to score 13 points including TD, field goals and interceptions, leaving a 0 on the scoreboard with the Jaguars until the end of the penultimate quarter of the game, bringing the game to a single sense, already in the middle of it.

The 4th starts with an advantage of 16 points for the Chiefs, with a Mahomes always very precise and decisive, and a Bortles instead very inaccurate and inconsistent, with the drive above is the perfect finished with the first 7 points on the board (throwing 15-yards on RB TJ Yeldon) , and the next, instead finished with an interception in a decisive end-zone opponent that has put the word end to the game.

With just over 10 minutes on the board, the former offensive rookie of the year Kareem Hunt, will be able to score the final TD of the game, with a small run of 5 yards straight into the end zone, by removing every hope of recovery to the poor Jaguars, which are found to have played their worst performance of the defensive this year, having allowed more than 400 yards between the launches and rides. 5 minutes from the end of the game, Bortles is able to take home his first TD on the seasonal rush, with a run of 15 yards , which led to the final score of 30-14 for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs still unbeaten, you will have to prepare to face the fearsome “patriots” led by Tom Brady, while the Jaguars (especially Bortles) you will have to prepare and fly to Dallas to challenge the Cowboys white and silver.




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