[NFL] Week 5: no time! (Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks 33-31)


Published on Oct 08, 2018


I woke up too soon from a dream!

The Seattle Seahawks hold the head to the unbeaten Los Angeles Rams for the entire game and then trashing the miracle in the last quarter, to fall into the hands of the guests in the last minutes and losing 33-31.
Now the Seahawks are in a limbo situation in the NFC West behind the Rams, escaping with a record of 5-0.
Next week the Seahawks will fly to London to make his debut outside the united States against the Oakland Raiders. The Rams instead go up to Denver, to avoid losing the first game before the Kansas City Chiefs.

The owners of the house, on the second possession of the evening with a long drive, spend an early lead with a run by Mike Davis for 6 yards. Moments before the QB's opponent is made to intercept on the goal line by Frank Clark.

First career INT for the Black Elvis!! @TheRealFrankC_ | #LARvsSEA

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) October 7, 2018

The advantage is not long lasting, a little more than two minutes, the Rams run through the field and give the ball to Todd Gurley II, who does not waste the simple opportunity from 2 yards: 7-7.

[email protected] for six please!

All tied up at 7. #LAvsSEA

— The Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) October 7, 2018

The first quarter ends, and the Rams are stopped on the 1 of the Seahawks and forced a Field Goal 10-7. The first few minutes, the referees have scored an additional TD to Gurley, but a review of arbitration has then cancelled.
The Seahawks react immediately, and in 4 actions mark the momentary advantage on an excellent post Tyler Lockett for a 39-yard: 10-14.

Wilson to Lockett, Touchdown #Seahawks!

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) October 7, 2018

The secondary of the Seahawks leaves too much cushion to the receivers, which can receive the ball effortlessly. Goff takes advantage of this problem of defense is Cooper Kupp free near the end zone: 17-14.
The Seahawks are the tie, the drive with a field goal by Sebastian Janikowski 52-yard!
Three seconds from the end of the first half of the game, Goff test, the hair of mary, but is intercepted by the rookie Tedric Thompson, a substitute for the injured Earl Thomas.

From now until the end of the game, only two drives end in a punt: both of the home team.
The secondary of the Rams lowers the tones and the Seahawks with a series of steps the following is a benefit: is David Moore to score his first TD in the NFL on pass from Russell WIlson in the running to be landed! 17-24.

[email protected] finds @DmoeSwagg23 in the back of the endzone! #WOOTS

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) October 7, 2018

Takes little advantage of the Seahawks, Gurley passes too easily to the opponent's defense and scored again on a TD: 24-24. Four minutes, and the Seahawks found the benefit of this is, once again, David Moore takes a night's sleep the defensive, and receive one fly from 30 yards.

[email protected] is on FIRE! #GoHawks | #LARvsSEA

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) October 7, 2018

Used to retrieve, immediately, the Rams still mark a TD always with Gurley in a race lungoin a corridor far too open. Cairo Santos misses, however, the extra point: 30-31 and still 15 minutes to play.

The Seahawks point and the Rams took advantage with a FG to find two points of difference from the Seahawks: 33-31. A little less than four minutes from the end the Seahawks are on the 35 opponents, and the Rams have a 0 timeout, a field goal may resolve the game. An offensive holding company of Fluker moves the Seahawks from the end zone and places them in an area discouraging for the kicker: punt again! The Rams are soon on a 4&1 and lined up for the punt to give the ball back to the opponents, but Pete Carroll called a Time Out!
In the pause Goff and McVain reflect and try to go all out even if they are in their destination field.
The result? Here...



— The Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) October 7, 2018

As it says in the tweet: “Game Over”!

Result: 33-31 for the guests.

The Rams have defeated the Seahawks because they were the better team, the reasons for that are other. First of all, Pete Carroll how do you call a timeout when the Rams were ready to bet with a little more than a minute from the end? Los Angeles on a 4&1 he thought not to do it, until Carroll has chosen to stop the clock. But why? Why stop time and losing the last time out of Seattle there? Sure, the Rams might have lost time before placing a bet. But Seattle still would have had the ball. The fact is that Carroll has left to think McVay and quarterback Jared Goff signed on for the victory.

Seattle has draftato Rashaad Penny in April with the goal to greatly improve the rides of the last year. The Seahawks have tried their options of running back from the beginning of the season. With Penny marginalized, to do the show were Chris Carson, and Mike Davis. A total of 34 races for 201 yards and a touchdown is a big change compared to the monstrosity of outrageous that we have seen from the farewell of Lynch. Carson showed patience, strength, power, and Davis has the readiness side of which Carson is free.

David Moore has played a great game against the Rams, has signed two touchdowns, the first of his career and finished the day with three receptions for 38 yards. Brandon Marshall has been less visible for the Seahawks from week 3 against the Cowboys. Marshall failed to register a single reception against Los Angeles and has been targeted only once. If Moore continues to shine, and Marshall probably will spend the rest of his time in Seattle on the bench.

Earl Thomas is among the accidents, and we expected a disaster of a match of the secondary school that was far away from the receivers and a little inexperienced, but I was not expecting a test of that kind. Against the Rams, Thompson has recorded 6 tackles, an assist and an interception, almost useless. Bradley McDougald, finished the race as the leader in tackles and continues to be an important factor in the defense's renewed Seattle. To disappoint you instead of Griffin. In front of Robert Woods, he has given great gains.

Problem injuries to the Rams! Cooper Kupp and Brandin Cooks have both left the field with concussions and could miss more games. In particular, the Cooks seemed to put worse.
Robert Woods, without the two companions has been able to heal the holes, but the rest of the catchers of the Rams was not up to scratch.
Josh Reynolds has received for 39 yards on his first two sockets of the season, and could have an important role to play in Denver next week.

While it's not been a great day for the defense of the Rams, Donald was still in style. Among the statistics presents a one-sack, and a TFO, and a hit to the quarterback. The opposing teams are doing all they can to minimise the impact of Donald, trust in him always two players, but it just doesn't work. When it is at its best, Donald is an unstoppable destroyer! Donald has a history of making miserable the life of Wilson, and Sunday we went in a different way. If this continues he has a good chance to repeat the award of Defensive Player of the Year.

No, it was the best game of Goff. He had two interceptions, and has not always been as precise as the fans of the Rams have been seeing in the last few weeks, but when there is status to be put in a higher gear, Goff has come forward and did not seem at all a 23-year-old.
In the stadium to be louder and more difficult to play in the league, Goff remained remarkably poised. After the punt the Seahawks that he returned to Goff the ball 10 minutes from the end, he led the Rams on a drive of 9 play 61 yards to set up the field goal, winning.
Another step forward in the progression of Goff in one of the best quarterback in the league.

Article by Filippo Menghi




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