[NFL] Week 5: I am legend (Washington Redskins vs New Orleans Saints 19-43)


Published on Oct 11, 2018


“Maybe this is the last time that I'm wearing the football uniform... may be the end of my career.”

It's the last day of 2005 and the twenty-six Drew Brees is just back on the sideline with his team, the San Diego Chargers, a few minutes after having suffered a terrible injury to her right shoulder, the arm with which the spear and, after talking with the team physician, is devastated at the thought that his career could already be at terminus. The day after, the x-ray confirms the gravity of the thing “in practice, everything that held together my shoulder was reduced to shreds,” recalls the same Brees in his autobiography “Coming back stronger”.

No one, not even the optimistic most hardened, he could have predicted that thirteen years later, the same shoulder the exit was destroyed in an attempt of recovery of a fumble, would have allowed Drew Brees to become the record holder for yards passing in NFL history, overcoming in the same night, two superstars such as Brett Favre and Payton Manning whose total passing yards differed for just 102 yards (71.940 for Manning, 71.838 for Favre). And the final act of this amazing story took place Monday evening in front of the entire nation against the Washington Redskins, when Brees, which at the beginning of the race were missing 151 yards to pass Manning and grab the records, he's caught completely free the rookie Tre'Quan Smith, who with one reception for 62 yards and gave his quarterback a record resounding.

Drew Brees is the new King of the yard on a step

A particular emotion Brees has been to celebrate this incredible feat in front of his public, the public of New Orleans, which is linked by a particular relationship. A few months after the accident, released by the Chargers, and virtually discarded by the Miami, whose medical staff believed that Brees had just 25% chance of return to play, the product from Purdue, was in fact acquired by the Saints and arrived in the Big Easy a year after the terrible catastrophe that had hit the city, hurricane Katrina. As many have said, the city was looking for a hero, and she would be found in Brees that 2006 chose a city to its knees and a franchise with a curriculum that is questionable but believed in him and in his recovery and that the little giant (in an era in which the quarterback have a physical Superman, Brees is in fact high with “only” 183 cm) gave a Superbowl, numerous appearances in the play-offs, and a football offensive always spectacular.

And also Monday Night against the Redskins was no exception: in a night where perhaps the result was slightly less important than usual, Brees and his Saints have demolished a solid defense like that of Washington and finished the race already after three quarters, and so maintaining the command of the NFC South with a record of 4-1. The good Drew, you did not betray emotion, and he finished the race with a monstrous 26 to 29 for 363 yards, three goals and a rating of almost perfect 153,2. This time his preferred target was not the usual Michael Thomas, which, however, has brought home 74 yards, but the rookie Tre'Quan Smith, who despite 3 sun balls captured totaled 111 yards and, above all, he had the honour of being the terminal of the launch of the record Brees. Well, he also did another “survivor,” Cameron Meredith, whose 5 catches for 71 yards represent the best performance of this 2018 for an athlete who, a year ago, these days he was watching the football on television after the rupture of the cruciate ligament in his knee in a race of pre-season. Against the Redskins, the Saints have found another key weapon in the return after the disqualification of the runner, Ingram, immediately deployed the holder by Sean Payton. The race of Ingram was not memorable (16 courses, 53 yards) but they arrived two touchdowns as well as the advantage for the entire team to have regained a runner “physical”, great complement to the more agile Kamara.

The defense of the Saints has cancelled the rushing game host, and has not demeritato even against the pass, but has again shown a worrying tendency to give away games to long-range: a problem to solve at all costs if coach Payton and his wish to continue to play until the end of January. The linebacker DeMario Davis, the safety Bell and the two defensive ends Jordan and Davenport have been limited to just 39 yards in the rushing game of the Redskins, while the two end Onyemata have been put under great pressure Alex Smith. In the secondary a good test of the slot corner P. J. Williams and Ken Crawley athlete for that this 2018 had so far disappointed.

The attack on Washington was devoid of the receiver Doctson, definitely the best weapon at the disposal of Alex Smith for the long passes, and coach Gruden has set the race on an attempt to control the possession, taking advantage of the running game and the ability in the reception of the tight end and the runner Thompson. The latter was the leading receiver for the number of balls caught, but the inability of the defense to contain Brees and the members had quickly scuppered the plans of the head coach. Alex Smith has been adept at escape the considerable pressure the home defence and has also completed some nice throws, but withstand the hellish pace of the attack of the house is soon revealed impossible feat, even if they are eventually arriving 275 yards mostly thanks to Crowder (4 receptions for 55 yards), Richardson (4-50) and the already mentioned Thompson (6-45). The rushing game of the Redskins, instead, has a record not to have been received: Adrian Peterson has carried the ball 4 times for 6 yards, Thompson 8 times for 17 and the total pot of the Indians, speaks of 18 races for 39 yards...

The defense of the Redskins has done an excellent job limiting two customers that are extremely dangerous such as Ingram and Kamara (who in addition to being strong they are running behind one of the best lines of attack in the NFL), thanks to the remarkable performance of the linebacker Anderson and Zach Brown and, above all, to the play of a very strong defensive tackle rookie Daron Payne. The secondary instead of has, as expected, suffered the impressive force of impact of the passing game of the Saints, also because Josh Norman has been absolutely under-tone, Moreau has suffered from the speed of Carr and Meredith and the rookie Stroman was made to burn the other newcomer Tre'Quan Smith on the occasion of the goal that has split in two and the match.

That it was the big day for Brees it was realised from the very first drive of the Saints: the phenomenon with the number 9 to start immediately strong finding Michael Thomas for 20 yards, then a step screen and was transformed by Ingram in a gain of 28 yards thanks to the blocks devastating of the line offensive. At the end for another of the first points of the night came thanks to a stroke of Ingram from the 1-yard. The Redskins, however, responded immediately, though with some difficulty: Alex Smith eludeva the pressure of the Saints and closing a third and 15 thanks to a nice pass to Thompson, and then extolled the talents and acrobatic Richardson, who with a leap agguantava the oval, and were the other 23 yards. On third and goal from the 7, however, the defensive tackle Rankins penetrated in the middle of the line of the Redskins, and put to land Smith, with Washington and had to thus settle for the field goal to Hopkins.

The ball came thus into the possession of the attack of the house, who, however, at the beginning of the drive was anything but bubbly: a great speech of a dominant-Payne would lose yards and the ball to Ingram; however, for the luck of the Saints, he was able to recover the oval. Then, two actions later, on a third and 8, Kerrigan had entangled the line the offensive of the hosts and placcava Brees, but after the whistle, the safety Nicholson committed the folly of pushing on the ground Ingram: result 15-yard penalty, and the drive is still alive. And with attacks like that of New Orleans, certain errors you have to pay: about 42 to Washington, in fact, Brees found Thomas for a 31-yard then Kamara for the other 5. Then, on a third and goal that is not transformed, still a penalty, this time against the play cornerback at Dunbar, gave her a new first down at the local with Brees, who was perfectly free in the end zone tight end Josh Hill for the 13-6, and the first overtaking, the one on Favre, in the ranking “all-time”.

Washington, while having to rely almost exclusively on runs and short passes, he was able, however, to mark other points: a beautiful range of Thompson bore 11-yard reception by Adrian Peterson, who eludeva the cover of Hardee and then mistreated the linebacker Anzalone, who tried to placcarlo, he added another 24 yards. The drive at this point was to stall, but Hopkins with a kick from 53 yards kept the guests to a signature of detachment. The problem for the guys of coach Gruden was that the attack of the Saints was now set in motion: two beautiful passages Tre'Quan Smith and Watson fruttavano 20 yards then Brees served a great ball in depth, an intern who was only stopped after a gain of 46 yards. In the end, Ingram micro, power, signed the goal of 20-6. The Redskins this time they produced a “three and out” and with the return to the field in attack Saints the big moment that everyone was waiting for was approaching, even if the records were still missing more than 30 yards




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