[NFL] Week 5: Challenge of the large “disappointed” (Atlanta Falcons vs Pittsburgh Steelers 17-41)


Published on Oct 11, 2018


The first four days of the season have significantly reduced the high expectations of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons. Both the franchises arrive to the challenge of week 5 with only one win to active and absolutely must get back to winning if they want to still hope in the qualification to the post season. The mitigating, to be honest, there are two teams: from the problems of the Steelers with commanded her Veon Bell to the huge amount of injuries incurred in the defense of the Falcons, the season has not started in the best ways to coach Tomlin and coach Quinn. But with the Bengals in escape in the AFC North and the Saints from the first with only one defeat in the NFC South, can not accept false steps.

The matchup looks very favorable for the team of Pennsylvania; coach Tomlin after losing with the Chiefs and Ravens have spoken of the need to make more use of the running game – the orphan of a Bell but with a James Conner in great shape – and the challenge with Atlanta is favourable for the purpose. The Falcons, in fact, are in the top 10 for rushing yards allowed, and when Deion Jones is finished in the list IR the situation is even worse. From the other side of the oval”, the excellent pass rush led by TJ Watt will be able to take advantage of a-line offensive that has already allowed 10 sacks on Matt Ryan in the first four games. Atlanta hopes that Julio Jones is released, getting that touchdown that he is missing since week 12 of last season. Jones is taking a step which it would receive for over 2000 yards (surpassing the record NFL Calvin Johnson) but for the Falcons it is essential that the number 11 even begin to score. Great news the return after a three-week stop of Devonta Freeman, called to help a racing game, definitely not up to the task in his absence.

Heinz Field, where Ben Roethlisberger has a record of 75 wins and only 26 defeats, will be the frame to match. Ready via and Pittsburgh shows immediately the desire to leave behind the bad start of the season, Big Ben imbastisce two drives, master (the second by a 97-yard after the great punt of Bosher) that lead to the same number of touchdowns: the first is James Conner to close the drive with a run from 1 yard, then it is the turn of JuJu Smith-Schuster, who receives in a stunt to launch from 18 yards by Roethlisberger after a good post route. Boswell converts only one of the two extra-point for the partial 13-0. Not even the time to acclimatize, and Atlanta is already below the two markings. As expected Conner is used often and willingly being able to accumulate 98 scrimmage yards in the first quarter. Also, the defence relates to the game plan and making a sack against Ryan at the first convenient opportunity with Fort.

The first reaction of Matt Ryan and his companions arrive at the beginning of the second quarter: Devonta Freeman absorbs the attention of the LB on the play action and Moahmed Sanu is free to receive, in complete solitude, and accelerate for a touchdown from 43 yards. The defense of the Falcons, inspired by the marking, wakes up and forces the hosts to a three and out. Ryan guide again along the field until the field goal by Matt Bryant that leads the score 13-10. Coach Tomlin abandons guilty of the racing game, and guests, will thank you; after a first quarter from the 175-yard gain, Pittsburgh stops just 48 in the second. Roethlisberger finds himself in the force, and one of these throws is addressed to Antonio Brown, ends up intercepted by Kazee, which reads very well on the path and makes his own the oval. But the defense held to the surface of hosts, and does not grant anything to the guests until the interval.

Upon return from the locker room the Steelers come to rely on James Conner and the young RB reward them with a ride from a 28-yard up to the gates of the red zone opponent. At the end is Antonio Brown to close the drive with the receiving touchdown from 9 yards. Boswell made no mistake and brings the partial 20-10. Defense and special teams are committed to increase the advantage on the next drive, when they force the guests to three and out and then block the punt Bosher, giving Big Ben the oval on the 18-yard opponents. And once again James Conner to allow the extension to hosts. The RB scored with a run from 2 yards that goes around the front guest and brings the advantage of up to 27-10.

The Falcons try yet another reaction to the beginning of the fourth period by relying on the duo of Jones-Ridley, which sow the panic in the secondary of the house. Close to the end zone, it's Ito Smith rookie RB from Southern Miss to conclude the drive with the touchdown in the 27-17. Atlanta re-opens, therefore, the the game, but Pittsburgh is the closes immediately, it's just 5 play Big Ben guide her to the touchdown. And’ Antonio Brown to get rid of the marking of Alford and avoid the return of the Kazee to receive the beautiful launch with a 47-yard Roethlisberger that it is worth the 34-17. And’ the hit ko for Ryan and his companions that they should raise the white flag. It only remains for time to update the final score. TJ Watt crown his fantastic performance from the 3-sack, the strip of damage in Ryan, which allows the Fort to retrieve the ball in the end zone for the final 41-17.

Game dominated by Pittsburgh, which was in great need of a performance like that. Passive heavy for the Falcons, who see the hopes playoff decline more and more. The trial of the first truly convincing the Steelers back on track after starting with a jagged between the absence of forced Bell and the controversy related to Antonio Brown. The talent is certainly sufficient for the umpteenth run-up to the title of the career of Big Ben, always the problems off the field are resolved as soon as possible.

Roethlisberger ended her performance by throwing for 250 yards, 3 TD and 1 interception, and finding finally the agreement with Brown. The number of 84 back to exceed 100 receiving yards and added 2 TD. Fantastic performance of James Conner who earn 185 scrimmage yards and scored 2 TD. From the other hand, Matt Ryan does not go beyond the 285-yard run and a 1 TD. The running game is still lacking, despite the return of Devonta Freeman.

Next week the Steelers will fly to Cincinnati to face the current holders of first place in their division, while the Falcons will return to Atlanta for the challenge division to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.




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