[NFL] Week 12: With the heart we win! (Chicago Bears vs Detorit Lions 23-16)


Published on Nov 23, 2018


Thanksgiving is one of the moments that more I miss my long american experience, a day that I have learned to know and love, because this day special, during my stay in Chicago gave me great emotions making me feel really part of something, and today I give another!
On the fourth Thursday of November was circled in red on my calendar, from about mid-September, when I decided to stay tied to a tradition that over time has become also my I have taken a day off from work to devote myself to what I love: my family and the Chicago Bears.

The game against Detroit I feel it particularly, and certainly are not the only one, the feeling that the Lions are playing the prank to avenge the KO round is just around the corner; you add the fact that Mitchell Trubisky is out for a hit to the shoulder during the challenge on Sunday night against the Vikings. The team has remained vague about the injury Trubisky, then passes the message that the young QB is held at rest as a precaution. All agree on the fact that it would be better to risk losing to Detroit rather than risk losing the queen of our chess board.

Motown loves to celebrate Thanksgiving with a parade through the streets of the city, and inside the Ford Field there is a desire of revenge: the Lions at home are a different team and from the moment that the two best QBs in the league are collapsed within these walls, you do not expect, of course, that Chase Daniel is in his 3rd start in his career in 9 years, can come here and control the game. Stafford has won 4 challenges of Thanksgiving on 8 played and today takes the field for its own game number 123, putting the world between him and the direct rival of Chicago.

Daniel, however, does not want to be the only guest among the many seated at the table, the bond that is there between him and Matt Nagy is strong and the challenge of week 12 should be the one that will prove to the planet, the NFL and Chicago is the team that wins and does it with the heart.

Just the time to listen Larry Callahan and the Selected of God sing the National Anthem that brings a shine to the eyes of Matt, Patricia, and it begins: Stafford has not Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones, Jr., Golladay becomes the primary target.
The game starts slow, as expected after only 85 hours of the challenge on Sunday, the Bears should give enough time for Daniel to get in a mental condition to not make mistakes. Our QB2, taken by the heat, get out of the tunnel alone while the whole team waits for the call, a strong signal that the head is elsewhere. His last start, in fact, dating back to week 17 of the 2014 season at the time of Kansas City (with Nagy).
Daniel has one that I am no longer afraid to define the extra defense in the NFL, with 27 takeaways lead the league here.

The Bears defense has 20 INT this season (Most in NFL)...

...they've allowed 19 pass TD.#DaBears

— NFL Research (@NFLResearch) November 22, 2018

After trading repeated punts from both parties, you understand that the race can only open with an error on the part of the attack, error in fact comes with the fumble by Trey Burton forced by the fist on the ball to Davis, who sends a Detroit touchdown with Blount after a stroke of luck (to say the least) that leaves the possession to the hosts on converting a 4th down. Allen Robinson II helps to move the chain, but the Bears have to settle for a FG Parkey.
Once on board, Chicago takes courage and Roquan Smith, is fast becoming a leader in the field, place a sack on Stafford taking advantage of the work of Khalil Mack covered by the 3 offensive lineman; the effort of the defense, drag the attack and Daniel launches into the end-zone for Taquan Mizzell, who scored his first TD from the Bear. Questionable the attempt to convert the 2 points that Chicago fails in a race so conservative. Remains the time for the sack, Deon Bush, who sends everyone in the locker room on the 9-7.

The resumption of the attack does not put the points and the defense can not play the double role fixed, Daniel and fatigue, and the Bears suffer another TD to LeGarrette Blount (88y 2TD 15y rec), but also the Lions fall in the play of the conversion from 2 that not goes in the port. Daniel replies with a beautiful launch that sends Tarik Cohen at touchdown, and the call-and-response continues with Stafford that pushes on the drive, but its impact on Akiem Hicks must settle for the FG by Matt Prater that puts the result on the 16 equal.

Daniel has a hard life, the backup QB is not able to bring forward Chicago, that gives up the possession, but the real strength of the team is in the defense: Stafford va under pressure, and its launch is intercepted by the perfect reading defensive of Eddie Jackson from the dream, which anticipates the target opponent, and fly to the touchdown with a pic 6 from 41 yards that will go down in history. Eddie Jackson is in its 5th pick 6 from 2017 to today, number 1 in the league, electrifying on the day of Thanksgiving, and call in the Pro Bowl here becomes mandatory.
Detroit attempts the final assault, but Stafford is intercepted by Kyle Fuller in the end-zone and finishes his game with 236 passing yards, 2 interceptions, 2 sacks suffered, and 0 TD.

Vic Fangio is a tamer of lions, this defense wins a game super fast, and the leadership of the NFC North is firmly on record of 8-3.
Daniel has behaved very well despite starting at a slow pace, 27/37 2TD and 0 interceptions, but better still a good win which raises the morale high in the dressing room that by now has learned how to win together.
The painful notes of today Bryce Callahan unable to read the attack (I have often praised Bryce, but today I did not like), and Jordan Howard, from whom you expect more, while the other Daniels, James, works well on the line offensive, and deserves mention for having dragged Cohen to convert a 3rd down to a few seconds from the end of the game by preventing Stafford to get the ball to attempt a final Hail Mary.

Now we relax for a moment and I would say deservedly so, after 3 games divisional heavy in 11 days, and a streak of 5 consecutive victories which by the time we were not accustomed.
Trubisky has rifiatato and will return to the field, including 10 days in New York against the Giants; in the meantime, we are happy, our extended family celebrates and enjoys the turkey stuffed with a lot of hope, and Sunday night we'll watch the Vikings and Packers compete for the leftovers of the dish to which we have already eaten us bears!

The BEAR DOWN of this night is my biggest wish to continue to the best of this wonderful season.
Happy Thanksgiving Bears Family!

Much love,
Alex Cavatton.




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