[NFL] Week 11: Under a good star (Dallas Cowboys vs Atlanta Falcons 22-19)


Published on Nov 22, 2018


On Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, a calendar, and the cruel put in front of the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons in a sort of tie-breaker to continue to hope in on the playoffs. In the end they checked the Cowboys thanks to a field goal at the end of Maher, which has sent the owners of the house close to the brink of a season without post-season. And to coach Garrett and his kids what a difference they made two weeks after the race lost badly against Tennessee, the franchise from texas seemed on the verge of a nervous breakdown and near to a new disappointing season. Instead, thanks to the invaluable success in the home of the Falcons, that follows the one came against the Eagles, suddenly the team to Jerry Jones, not only is back in the race for the post season, but also for the title of the NFC East, given that the delay from the tread Washington is reduced to a single race, but, above all, the Redskins will have to face these last six games without their director, Alex Smith, the victim of a nasty injury against the Texans.

For the Falcons the k.or. against the Cowboys is a blow to hopes of play in the post season even if the fight is on the shoulders of Rams, Saints and Bears is remarkable and leaves a small flame of hope. Dallas has taken the Mercedes-Benz thanks to a formula very similar to that already used to fold Philadelphia: a good defense, a Elliott, unstoppable, and so much heart. The heart that is not pure to the Falcons that they came close to a comeback but in the end they paid for an error of the receiver, the rookie Ridley, and the many tackles and inaccurate defence.

Prescott was put under pressure by the Falcons, especially in the first half, and his stats are certainly impressive (22 out of 32 for 208 yards), however, the director, the guest has completed the steps in the important moments and was the author of the goal on the run that gave the advantage to the Cowboys at the start of the last quarter. If against Philadelphia, Elliott had made a spectacle especially as a runner, in Atlanta, the champion from Ohio State has been lethal in the passing game: the score reads 23 ran for 122 yards (average of 5.1), and 7 receptions for 79 yards; in practice, out of a total of 323 yards, 201 came thanks to the phenomenon with the number 21.

For the rest of the attack, Dallas has done a little bit, with the exception of a good Beasley (5 balls caught for 51 yards), while Cooper (3-39), Gallup (1-10) have lived a day in the complex, colorless. The defense has been put under great pressure Ryan, thanks especially to the pair of end Crawford and Lawrence that in the end he scored 2 sacks, 2 hits and 5 hurries. The department of coach Marinelli has instead suffered from the good day a Coleman, curiously, are hardly used (just 8 courses for 57 yards) while the content is fine Ito Smith and not surprised by the attempts of the owners to take advantage of the skills in the open field at Ridley and Sanu, that craft make the receivers, but the offensive coordinator Sarkisian uses often even as a running back.

In the afternoon, of Atlanta came the second interception in as many games of a Vander Esch, who once again did not regret the owner, Sean Lee, always out for a muscle problem, but the true mvp-level passing game has been a Byron Jones in the form of amazing that even a phenomenon like Julio Jones. The most difficult day for the couple Awuzie and Anthony Brown also if the reception on a long that the former has granted to Julio Jones came mainly thanks to a number from the circus of the receiver with the number 11.

The Falcons after the clamorous k.or. against Cleveland last week, they probably missed the last train for the post-season because the next opponent on the day of Thanksgiving is called the New Orleans Saints, and a record of 4-7 would mean the final ending to dreams of glory. That said, Atlanta has honestly played badly in attack, but without prejudice to spoil in the vicinity of the red zone the good things done in the rest of the field. Constantly hunted by the Cowboys, Ryan still passed for almost 300 yards, mainly thanks to the great receptions of the phenomenon Julio Jones (6-118) and Sanu in the great day (4-56). The lack of big play (only three steps have gained more than 20 yards and they all went to Jones) definitely has plagued a team that once again has not been able to find the key in the key moments.

A defense decimated by injuries since the first day he could instead rely on a Vic Beasley, who has scored two sack for the first time from 2016, and all in all, the pair play cornerback Trufant and Alford so far decidedly underwhelming, not demeritato, but the many tackles and wrong especially in the second half of the race were lethal to the men of Quinn. Among the positive notes to report good evidence of the linebacker rookie Foye Oluokun and tackle Jack Crawford. Finally, a note on Matt Bryant: the quarantatreenne kicker has taken the place of the holder to the detriment of our Giorgio Tavecchio, which, however, is still on the roster, with Atlanta, and has not shown the slightest sign of rust in spite of the four weeks of stop scoring all four field goals attempted, two from beyond the forty, and one even from 53 yards.

You spoke of the opportunities thrown by Atlanta and, in fact, the first was already in the drive home, which thanks to a nice pass from Ryan to Jones, came from the 38 of Dallas, but a sack of the couple Lawrence and Crawford pushed the Falcons out of the beam by a field goal and, therefore, at the punt. The first series of the Cowboys was also emblematic: three times the Cowboys were to play a third down three times and couldn't convert thanks to short passes to Prescott to Swaim and Beasley and to a penalty against the hosts. On all 4 of the Falcons the ball unusually dropped from Beasley and the excellent coverage of Trufant on Cooper forcing the Cowboys to a field goal that Maher put it in the middle of the poles. The response of the Falcons, however, was immediate: two complete to Ridley, and Sanu plus a great stroke of Coleman that used to exploit to his advantage the blitz of host defense fruttavano to the team house, 36 yards, even though on the 23 of Dallas, the drive of the local crashed. We thought so Bryant to fix the score 3-3, thanks to a field goal from 41 yards.

Dallas was then forced to a three and out, but for Atlanta the history of missed opportunities was repeated: the men of Dan Quinn were two third and 1, landed on 34 of Dallas. Here, however, came the other two sacks, one of Gregory, and one of Lawrence and once again the Falcons put points on the board despite the location of the field is very favorable. Another sack, this time, Vic Beasley was stuck again, the drive to Dallas, and so Atlanta recovered the ball almost at mid field. A penalty for holding against tackle Schweitzer would lose to the local 10 yards, then on second and 8, there was a masterpiece of Julio Jones: no, it's not a reception, but a tackle; yes, because a launch wrong, Ryan was intercepted in the jump from the Heath which, however, did not have time to put your feet on the ground and was tackled by Jones that he was losing the oval to the safety host and, therefore, a sure interception was transformed into an incomplete.

The drive continued like this almost only by air, but in the end, however, was yet to Bryant to take on the task of scoring three points, closing the first half of the race. The second half opened with a Elliot unleashed: the runner with the star on the helmet he carried the ball twice for 18 yards, and then received another 12 even if in the end it was again field goal, Maher marked although striking distance (50 yards). The war of the kicker for the other continued, still, considering that the drive is following ended with a great football Bryant that focused the posts from 53 yards. With nearly half of the third quarter still to play, Dallas started a drive on the river which also had a time lucky when Elliott, on the tackle of Jack Crawford, lost the oval readily recovered from the tackle Collins. After the narrow escape from the two major launches Prescott fished before Cooper then Beasley and Dallas embarked on the 4 masters of the house, where Prescott fintava to give the ball to Elliott then kept the ball and crossed the goal line for the 12-9 why Maher was so wrong in the transformation.

Two minutes after the race seemed to take a decidedly the way to Texas: Ryan tried Ridley who was running a trajectory slant, that is, short and to the inside of the field, but the rookie missed the socket and the ball spurting into the hands of Vander Esch, who thanked her and carried the oval up on the 28 of the atlanta Falcons. From here, with just two games to Elliott to bring Dallas to +10 thanks to a touchdown run from 23 yards favored the large blocks of the line offensive. This score came with just over 12 minutes to play, he could have cut the legs to the Falcons, who instead reacted immediately: two of the most beautiful rides of Coleman fruttavano 18 yards, in the most Ryan put the ball in the air three times for as many full and 46 yards. The drive is arenava on 3 of the Cowboys but the field goal Bryant reported the hosts to just one signature away




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