[NFL] Week 1: hats off to the Boys (New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys 17-35)


Published on Sep 10, 2019


The season number 100 of the NFL couldn't have started with yet another chapter of one of the sagas most glorious in the history of football: Giants vs Cowboys. Two franchises that have made the history of this sport and who are trying to regain the luck, past, being, however, different steps of the path.

The Cowboys will not win a Super Bowl since 1996, however, in the last 3 years, you are awarded 2 times the their division, the NFC East; last season they returned to the playoffs by winning the Wildcard Round at home against the Seattle Seahawks, and losing away against future finalists the Los Angeles Rams. Their roster is young and full of talent, just remember Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper on offense and DeMarcus Lawrence, Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith and Byron Jones in the defence. All this talent in a single team within a league with a salary cap strict as the NFL wants to say but not everyone will be paid, the have already been Lawrence, and recently “Zeke” that has become the runningback highest paid in the league, the next few are Cooper and Dak, we see that the choices will take the leadership. Of course the fans of Dallas can rest assured that, in the last draft, and with the acquisition of Amari Cooper last season, the board of the Cowboys has proved to be able to move Sunday in the field there were 6 holders coming “only” from the draft in 2016.

As for the Giants, you may think that “rebuilding” really started from this season, after admitting the futility of Eli Manning taking a quarterback in the first round, a victim of too much anger on the part of the fans of the Giants and taken for a ride by insiders and fans, opponents, still before receiving a snap. In addition they have sold a “diva” like OBJ that in the locker room of a team in trouble as the Giants had proven to be dynamite, and obtained in exchange for two 1st round pick (invested in defensive tackle from Clemson, Dexter Lawrence, and the cornernback by Georgia De Andre Baker) and the safety Jabril Peppers; by the Browns have also been one of the best guards in the league in Kevin Zeitler. This may be the last season of Eli, so dear to the properties, we'll see if the next phase of the franchise of the Big Apple will be entrusted to the leadership of Pat Shurmur, so far little convincing, but not one of the best human material.

Of for itself the first possession, the Giants record, Saquon Barkley, after receiving the path of the football, run with a fumble for the first time in his career in the NFL, fortunately for him, recovered from his Penny; the action, however, is to understand why it is in the top 3 of the best runningback in circulation(each of the positions where you prefer on the podium), is wedged in a hole from one side to Evan Engram, Nate Solder, and Will Hernandez, and Cody Latimer, that craft is the receiver, and therefore lock is not the crucial number one, going for 59 yards. Arrived in the red zone the play calling of the Giants takes advantage of the fear of the defense of the Cowboys for the runs of Barkley fighting for a play action, the department of Dallas can already see the race Saquon leaving Evan Engram on the left, which goes to comfortably receive the pass of Eli. 7-0

Dallas, however, does not struggle to answer, with a drive in which surprise is seen already in the field, Zeke Elliott, aggregatosi from a few days to the team after having maintained his absence from group activities of the team, pressing the franchise to offer him a hefty renewal.
In the second drive the Dak takes off the rust and begin to explore with greater calm in the field, without focusing on its receiver number 1, Amari Cooper, so the first catch are in addition to Zeke, the newly reinstated Jason Witten, Gallup, Cobb, and Jarwin. This last receives a pass from 28 yards on a situation that was repeated several times in the game, unfortunately, and because of the Giants, neither of the two safety high closes, and no linebacker drops into coverage, on the contrary, they mention a blitz, leaving the seam route(or a track vertically) open. 7-7

On the next possession the Cowboys stands out as an excellent combination between Prescott and Gallup for 36 yards, the quarterback and former Mississippi State running a precise launch to tower over the shoulder of his receiver Gallup, which for its part has been effective in the beat at the line of scrimmage the play cornerback on him, the rookie Deandre Baker, and run the outlet on the sideline. Close to the end zone as Giants occurs then a situation similar to the one exploited by the team, Shurmur previously, the defense fear the running of Elliott and throws on the inside to clog the space at runningback, Prescott keeps it and throws to Witten that undisturbed enters the end zone. 7-14
With a drive production and constant the Cowboys come knocking on the red zone opponent, from 21 Prescott launched another wonder in the left corner of the end zone, where once again the corner of the Giants, Baker was beaten in 1 vs 1, this time from Amari Cooper. 7-21

After returning from the locker room and the Giants are one of their big play with which the attack has not completely disfigured, Manning passes deep to the right, perhaps slightly short, but the fact is that Latimer must bend, grabbing the ball with one hand and the help of the body, in addition to the play cornerback Awuzie, not placed evil in coverage. Another highlight of the drive, the grip of the Fowler by dragging the foot and supporting the knee, just to be sure, on the sideline, that converts a situation of 4th & 8. The Giants from this drive, however, will not get more than a field goal from 28 yards that Rosas turns. 10-21

The Cowboys in the collection are much higher and demonstrate possession of the following; yet another imprecision of the defensive back the Giants, the two safety, one(Jabril Peppers) extends to the left resting on the corner, the other (the veteran, Antoine Bethea), instead of keeping the coverage area of the central part of the field is lowered almost to the line of scrimmage to take Cooper, but it is neither a tight end nor the last of the wide receiver, in fact, he runs a center track getting separation from man coverage and bringing it to his 45 yard line. Two games after the safety of the recombine, you can widen excessively, leaving a prairie central, which becomes a territory of conquest by Randall Cobb, who can not be expected to be covered by a linebacker in general, especially on a track so long where speed kills, the fact is that the receiver and former Green Bay receives for 25 yards and a touchdown. 10-28

At this point the game is already over, but the Giants remains a small hope, invigorated by an action that reminded Eli in its golden age: he avoids a pirouette the pressure of Armstrong keeping the balance and then launch an arrow from 22 yards to Latimer. New York city is reduced to a 4th & 1 on the 9, a player have to convert and get a touchdown to stay afloat, you play a play-action bootleg where the quarterback leaves the pocket, at this point, Manning does not trust throwing to his receiver Sterling Shepard in the end zone and is hunted by Leighton Vander Esch and DeMarcus Lawrence, who causes a fumble and he also covers.

The next drive of the “boys” marks the end of the Giants, at least for this game, Prescott is Gallup inside, still lost by Baker, but what is most disconcerting is the inability of the other defenders in the vicinity to perform a tackle, so much so that the receiver at the second-year Colorado State goes for 62 yards. The only thing missing was him in the perfect evening of Dallas, Zeke takes advantage of the blocks taken from the left side of the offensive line, and extending reach with the right hand and the football, the area of the end zone. 10-35

At this point the game competitive is over, the Cowboys replace Elliott, obviously not at the top of the shape from a physical point of view and knowledge of the playbook, having been aggregated to the group by a few days, run by the rookie from Memphis Pollard, and with it the stopwatch.
The Giants are, however, the touchdown of the flag after the last race of the evening to Saquon, he then remained on the sideline in order to avoid trivial injury, is the backup runningback Gallman from 2 yards to force the football in the end zone. 17-35

The Cowboys enter even the quarterback reserve Rush to let the time flow of the game; from the bench of the Giants instead, he made his debut in the 1st round pick from Duke, Daniel Jones, lost to lost at least the guy becomes familiar with the environment of the NFL, even if at that point, as you said, it's not suffered the pressure to bring home the result, and played with the reserves is with him in the attack which, in part, in defense of Dallas. The rookie throws a few step secure on the flat that takes few risks, and allows receivers to exit the field, and then stop the stopwatch, hoping to reach field goal range and add good points to the moral; on a 3rd & 4 Jones, however, sees not fellow free and goes for the scramble (stroke), shame that on his way to meet the linebacker in the second year from Boise State's Leighton Vander Esch, who causes a fumble, recovered by corner Awuzie.




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