[NFL] Week 1: Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears 10-3


Published on Sep 06, 2019


Chicago, Il. Year 100

Minds warm and apprehension. It begins with a 3-and-out of Green Bay that immediately feel the pressure of the defense the most feared in the league, but the team from Wisconsin responds to the sack of Roy Robertson-Harris with the same currency, and Blake Martinez attacks Trubisky. The first 3 points come thanks to the pressure of the home defence that puts the Packers in the condition of advance, and Eddie Pineiro hits the FG from 38 yards.

David Montgomery shows the movements of beautiful from the backfield in Chicago, the 3rd rounder moves with dexterity and is able to avoid the tackle and managed to gain a few extrayard, the first partial sees the Bears Ahead 3-0. The rotation of the runningback of Chicago is long, but only the rookie produces something good and is not even used much.

Rodgers comes from nothing cosmic for the first time and return to the field with a cast of phenomenal, from 47 yards, Marquez Valdes-Scalting; the QB the Packers continued the drive with a TD pass to Jimmy Graham that lead the guests.

At the halfway point, there is frankly little to say why Trubisky is finquì the shadow of himself, while Rodgers is limited pretty well, although when the QB of Green Bay is well protected can be very dangerous; tactical challenge between Matt LaFleur and Chuck Pagano playing chess, taking long moments to reflect by dragging the challenge to 7-3 with no identity. The Packers, however, are in control

To the recovery a few boo to Mitchell Trubisky that fails to materialize, but Leonard Floyd puts a piece on the ineffectiveness of the product of North Carolina; and the #94 Bears when he sees Rodgers becomes uncontrollable. Then Hicks still goes on Rodgers by blocking with another sack (the 2° of the giant) maneuvering greenish yellow. When it seems that the Bears are able to move the chain after a couple of launches interesting on Robinson II and Montgomery, there emerges a problem of communication that coast to Chicago well 2 delay of game: not to take the field for even a minute during the preseason can prevent injuries yes, but at the same time, these errors may be preventable. The score does not change, and the challenge potentially open you reach the last act.

Time to get serious about the body at about 4:45 ut when it begins the last quarter of the game and the person who takes the wins.

What was supposed to be the biggest challenge turns inexorably into a self-destruction game where T. Williams commits a foul of frustration on Allen Robinson II, ja, and La Fleur loses a challenge with adjoining timeout; Chicago thank, recover the possession, and committed 4 infringements of consecutive wear the chain on the 1st and 40. Around my parts call it the “ciapa no”.

Crosby scored the field goal in the 10-3 creating an advantage slightly more reassuring for guests. The game ends with the former of turn Adrian Amos that intercepts Trubisky in the end-zone and the Packers secure a first win of the season and judging by what we have seen in the field, I would add more than deserved. The defenses dominated the game while the attacks have been ineffective, overall, better Green Bay; a Rodgers is just a little, while Trubisky has to find the pace and for a team that has ambitions as those of Chicago, it is good that you find it quickly.




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