[NFL] Week 1: Dalton Show! (Cincinnati Bengals vs Seattle Seahawks 20-21)


Published on Sep 09, 2019


It has not gone exactly as we expected. Those who win had been predicted, but not for a gap so minimal. If I was hoping to see a parade for the Seattle Seahawks to the first championship, I was wrong big time.
Andy Dalton & Co, led by new HC Zac Taylor have landed in the Emerald City for the game and we were able risking more times in the final to win it. In a stadium packed full of 12thman for excellence, including sun, rain, and wind, in the end, the Seahawks have the better.

The first quarter ends quickly and without too many actions worthy of note. The ball remains in the hands of the away team than the home, but the Bengals are able to finish the quarter with only a miserable 0-3 with a FG from 39 yards by Randy Bullock. Racing Mixon struggling to rise while the launches, especially the slant, open the local defense. The Seahawks can't find the first down, the only positive note is a fumble recovered by Burr-Kirven on the Punt Return to the 40 seconds from the end of the quarter.

The second quarter is not better for the Seahawks, suffered two sacks of Sam Hubbard and Carlos Dunlap. Quinton Jefferson replication a few minutes later. A little more than 6 minutes from the interval, the Seahawks unlock the result with a TD of Carson on a run from 1 yard. Myers no mistake: 7-3.
Do not spend two minutes that Bengals before you make you feel with one reception for 36 yards to Uzomah, and then with the TD J. Ross III on a reception for 33 yards.

THE FLEA FLICKER. This is a spectacular play design that the #Bengals game planned SPECIFICALLY for #Seahawks defensive coverage concepts. It's an all time great design that exposes the seahawk roll coverages Watch both clips and follow this tweet thread and I'll teach you.

— Paul Alexander (@CoachPaulAlex) September 8, 2019

Time passes, and both teams in the next drive point. A minute and a half from the end of the racist Wilson you unlock with a big play of 42 yards to Metcalf, which is landed on the 13th spot. From there the Seahawks on a 3rd & 7 are the 14-10 with a touchdown always Chris Carson, but this time on step.

What a BEAUTY!

4⃣2⃣ yard catch for @dkm14! #CINvsSEA

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) September 8, 2019

Dalton is there and in 7 seconds from the end invents a bomb of 55 yards to Ross III at the back of the FS Thompson receives and ends in the end zone. Smooth, resounding in the DBack of the Seahawks that has not left the hearts in the peace of the fans. Teams in the locker room on 14-17.

*Jaw Drop* #CINvsSEA | #SeizeTheDEY

— Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) September 8, 2019

Outside of the locker rooms are the Seahawks receive the Kick Off but lose the ball on the first race action on 28 of their own. Are the Bengals to attempt to escape in the middle of the field, but Woods says no!

Got 'em! The Woods interception!#GoHawks x #CINvsSEA

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) September 8, 2019

The Seahawks are at it again to recover, but the defense is always wake up, time to land Carson two consecutive times behind the line of scrimmege. Eight minutes from the end of the quarter, the Bengals attempted a FG from 45 yards, but Bullock's left hand. Like a dejavu, the Seahawks take the ball, take two sacks and return it. The only news that can relieve the pain is the news that Mixon does not return more in the field for an injury to the foot. The quarter ends with a 4&1 are not converted by the Bengals, and with Wilson, who is Metcalf to get to the 41 team.

In the last quarter, the Seahawks seem to be born-again, spend only 7 seconds from the TD, and only the reception Tyler Lockett on the fly from 44 yards: 21-17.

Back in the lead with this absolute dime from 3⃣ to 1⃣6⃣!

Q4: SEA 21, CIN 17

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) September 8, 2019

Seven minutes from the end, after a drive that lasted nearly eight minutes, Cincinnati has to settle for a FG from 27 yards on a 4th&Goal for the 21-20. The ball back to the home team that wisely do climb the more time that can be up to 28 seconds, when Erickson calls a Fair Catch on his own 25 on a Punt Return. Less than one-half minutes are too few for Dalton, who, after having found Eifert for 6 yards, is the Green on him and he loses the ball, which is then retrieved from the Flowers to the triple final whistle.

Seattle Seahawks

D. K. Metcalf's 89 receiving yards are the most by a @Seahawks rookie wide receiver in a debut. The second most? HOF Steve Largent in 1976 (86 rec yards).

— NFL Research (@NFLResearch) September 8, 2019

MVP for the Seahawks: without a doubt, DK Metcalf (4 receptions for 89 yards) and Quinton Jefferson ( 6 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 TFL).

[email protected]_32 just keeps on trucking. #GoHawks x #CINvsSEA

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) September 8, 2019

Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton – The red rifle




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