[NFL] Week 1: Closed the circus, the show begins (Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders 16-24)


Published on Sep 11, 2019


And’ finally began the NFL season in 2019 and, after an offseason of madness, circus, media, theatre, twists and betrayals, in Oakland there it was possible to concentrate on the football game. In the final year of the (?) goodbye to the city in which they were born, the Raiders have hosted the rival of Division the Denver Broncos for the first game of their sixtieth season.
The Monday Night Football game at the Coliseum was a major test for the group, Jon Gruden, looking for redemption after a 2018 to forget. The Silver & Black have dominated for large stretches of the game, you have proven to be solid, and have brought home a victory 24-16.
Despite the distractions brought by the caravan of Clowns to escape from the city, Jon Gruden and his coaching staff have prepared very well for the match, and the hosts have proved to be a solid team, capable of attacking even the deep and varied, and to defend with grit, especially against the races.

The Raiders are parties immediately strong, with a drive opening well-designed and well-executed. Carr proved to be precise and sharp, and his fellowship with the TE Darren Waller and WR Tyrell Williams bodes well for the future. Gruden has alternated expertly steps and ran to Josh Jacobs, making it clear from the outset that the rookie RB will be the workhorse of the team. After being passed in advantage the Raiders did not look back, the attack has been effective (only 3 punts for Oakland) and aggressive defense (3 sacks and 5 tackles for loss of yards).
The line offensive black-silver, even if patched with the presence of Jordan Devey and Denzelle Good, replacing the suspended LG Richie incognito and the injured RG Gabe Jackson, and held for the entire game, the most dangerous pass rusher in Denver away from Derek Carr. For the first time in more than four years, Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, and teammates have scored even a “QB hits”.

After a first time closed 14 – 0 thanks to a TD by Josh Jacobs and a FG wrong by the kicker and Denver's Brandon McManus from the distance of 64 yards, the black-silver are back in the field fighting also in the second half. While conceding to the Broncos reach the red zone thanks to the determination of the RB Phillip Lindsay, and a few small hole in the secondary, the hosts have limited the damage, allowing only three points to the opponents.
The Broncos, with a good pair of running back formed from Royce Freeman, and Phillip Lindsay, have taken advantage of a moment of fogging of the defense-black / silver to make a new trip in the red zone, finding themselves once again forced to settle for a short field goal, for the reaction of the proud line of defence, and for a sanguinosissimo drop DaeSean Hamilton in the end zone.

After the third and fourth won on points from Denver, Derek Carr and friends have played the charge again, scoring another TD with Josh Jacobs. The third trip in the red zone by the Broncos, and the drive is embellished with a toss of 53-yard Joe Flacco to Emmanuel Sanders, has led once again only three points for the team in Colorado, with a field goal from 39 yards to McManus after his QB had been knocked down by Clelin Ferrell, the first sack in the NFL. The last call the owners of the house came thanks to a field goal by Daniel Carlson in a drive started in opponent's territory thanks to a return of the kickoff 72 yards of the precious Dwayne Harris.
In the last minutes of the game the Raiders, probably a bit tired after a night of fighting, they pulled the oars in the boat, allowing the Broncos to score the only TD of the game, thanks to the usual Emmanuel Sanders, good to evade the coverage of the rookie Trayvon Mullen, stepped in to replace the injured Cherit Conley (apparently nothing serious for him, struck inadvertently in the head by teammate Johnathan Abram during a tackle).

If among the guests are distinguished above all Courtland Sutton (7 receptions for 120 yards) and the pair of Freeman-Lindsay (21 ran for 99 yards in total), including the black-and-silver shone Derek Carr (22/26 for 259 yards and 1 TD), Tyrell Williams (6 receptions for 105 yards and 1 TD) and Josh Jacobs (24 touches for 113 yards and 2 TD). A special mention, as mentioned in the opening, line the offensive of Oakland, able to cut out of the game the pass rusher to Denver and open the way to the rookie RB.

About Jacobs, Gruden had said from the outset that it intended to rely heavily on the former of Alabama and the demonstration came all the way from the first game, in which he ran 23 times against 3 total strokes of the backup Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington. Certainly, it is not yet the time to indulge in dreams of glory for the fans in black-and-silver, but it is nice to be able to close a terrible week with the awareness that, in the end, the group is always stronger than the individual.

Next week the Raiders will host the dangerous Chiefs, victorious, 40-26 in Jacksonville. Kansas City will not from its victim Tyreek Hill. The Broncos instead will host the Chicago Bears in the opening match of the one-hundredth NFL season they lost 10-3 against the Packers.




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