NFL Preview 2019: Philadelphia Eagles


Published on Aug 09, 2019


Probably we are still too close to build up at the bottom as has been insane the last two years of the Philadelphia Eagles. In just a few years we will be able to realize really of the absurd chain of events triggered in 2017 from the knee injury to Carson Wentz, who has given the beyond the legendary ride of Foles, to “Philly Philly,” and the first journey of the Lombardi Trophy in the direction of Philadelphia, PA. In 2018 a new injury Wentz has then opened the door to an incredible encore, Foles, favored by field goal missed, Cody Parkey and interrupted cruelly by the drop of Alshon Jeffery in the divisional game against the Saints.

The end of the epic of Foles

The departure of Saint Nick, migrated to Jacksonville and enjoy the Florida sun and a (deserved?) the contract starter puts an end to an uncomfortable (for the winner) dualism and opens a new chapter was Wentz.
Without the security blanket represented by Foles, the entire season of the Eagles will rotate around to the full recovery of Wentz, a fresh renewal of the contract and returning from a back injury. For what is clearly a fundamental aspect of the condition of the former second overall pick is too large a topic to be treated in a preview. For this reason, in subsequent evaluations, I will assume that Wentz lathes, at least at good levels.

Should be acknowledged at the front office of the Eagles for having put available to his young QB a organic offensive terrifyingly competitive, improved so much in the present as in the future. Except for the tight end – it's impossible to improve torque Ertz – Goedert – each department is, in fact, came out strengthened by the offseason.
To the line that is offensive, already among the best in the league, has been added to the first round of the draft, Andre Dillard, the Left Tackle from Washington State, which will take time to mature to the shoulders of Jason Peters before picking up the heavy legacy of the future Hall of Famer.
To rectify the poor racing game expressed in 2018 the front office of the Eagles has started a trade with the Bears for Jordan Howard and he's caught, Miles Sanders to Penn State via the Draft. With Cory Clement and Darren Sproles, the two newcomers will form a backfield that, although not of the first level, should ensure an improvement compared to last year.
Also on the front of a wide receiver register good news: a good group of receivers has been added a deep threat thanks to the return of miracle man DeSean Jackson and a prospect to be very interesting in the JJ Arcega-Whiteside, coming from Stanford, and was chosen with the pick number 57.

To enjoy 5 minutes of bullying JJ on the play cornerback opponents click here

On paper the attack of Philly is nearly unstoppable. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a D coordinator who is to defend the Eagles lined up in 12 personnel (1 RB, 2 TE). If you go heavy to stop the ran the two tight end can embarrass your linebackers in coverage. If instead you choose formations “read” as a nickel or dime, the Eagles have the men of the line and the running back to grind up yards via the ground. Ah, if blitzi so clumsy condemning you to see your defensive back roasted in depth from a D-Jax. Good luck!

In the last twenty yards the domain of the Eagles may later prove to be embarrassing: two big targets like Arcega-Whiteside and Jeffery to add to Ertz and Goedert, the Eagles are just too big for defenders, and have the potential to crush any record of efficiency in the Redzone.

Slaughtered by injuries last year, the defense of the Eagles at full strength, remains a unity of all respect. The secondary is composed of a department safety expert (perhaps too much so, after the arrival of Andrew Sendejo), and a group of play cornerback deep and talented but a little immature, if it is true that the five-year-old Ronald Darby is the most sailed between the starter.
Chapter defensive line: outside of two veterans like Michael Bennett and Chris Long, in between the other Malik Jacksonm the former DT of Jacksonville that will compose with Fletcher Cox a pair of interior have huge potential.

Speaking of Cox, it is necessary to pause to appreciate the sensational season 2018 the number 91, which ended with 10.5 sacks (an enormous number for a defensive tackle), but sensationally eclipsed by 20.5 sacks made report by that monster of Aaron Donald. Sam Monson of PFF noted that, as Max Biagi with Valentino Rossi, Cox has the misfortune to be a contemporary of an absolute phenomenon, which in this case is obviously the two-time defensive player of the year of the Rams.
To the sides of Cox and Jackson will be a group of defensive ends are good, that even without a premier pass rusher on the outside can count on a rotation of players versatile and reliable.
In general, the net accident to the defense of the Eagles has the talent needed to be positioned in the top half of the league.

In his office inside the Novacare Complex, Doug Pederson is probably gongolando while contemplating the solutions, which are guaranteed by its rich organic offensive. His first experience as a head coach Dougie P has proved to be a worthy disciple of Andy Reid, and proved to be even superior to your mentor in the playcalling situation in the post-season.

Although the continuous exodus of assistants, Frank Reich and John DeFIlippo to name two) have drained talent from the coaching staff, the Eagles remain in great hands in attack as in defence, the command of which was confirmed by the expert, Jim Schwartz.

Although they have lost a Super Bowl MVP, the Eagles will continue to be managed by the MVP of the General Manager. The excellent moves Howie Roseman have made it possible for Philadelphia to be among the favourites for the Super Bowl in Miami. In the opinion of the writer, the Eagles are in the starting blocks with the roster the most complete and deepest in the league, based on a core of players hardened by the last two campaigns the playoffs and coached by an excellent coaching staff. Among the many certainties stands out, however, the biggest unknown factor: everything will revolve around the physical and mental health of Carson Wentz, who in his most important season will be subjected to an enormous pressure. If the former North Dakota State were to return to the levels of the 2017, the NFC will be serious trouble.

Best case scenario: Wentz presents itself in the mode, the MVP and drag an attack unstoppable, complimented by a solid defence and reliable. The Eagles dominate the NFC East and reach the Playoffs with a record of 14-2, which is the first seed in the NFC.

Worst case scenario: After a slow start, Wentz falls into the syndrome of Superman and is exposed to an excessive number of shots, which forced him to an operation to the already battered back. Without a reserve level to the Eagles flounder in the final, and missing the playoffs by losing at home with the Cowboys, while the fans in Lincoln Financial Field call angry the name of Nick Foles.




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