NFL Preview 2019: Denver Broncos


Published on Aug 12, 2019


“Change everything to change nothing,” said Tomasi di Lampedusa, and no team in the NFL this quote fits the best for the Denver Broncos.
After the first back-to-back losing seasons since 1972, in Denver (the first ever with double-digit defeats) was needed, and a breath of fresh, or at least a little bit of a deodorant for the environment, that is not late to arrive. A new Head Coach, a new coaching staff, a new QB, a lot of the comings and goings of the people who left or arrived in the AGO, but under the Rockies will try to win exactly as the years before: Big D and control the ball offense. Not perhaps the best method to try to win the Super Bowl, but many teams have managed this already over the years. Including the Broncos in 2015, and the Ravens with Joe Flacco in 2012.

The season offensive in 2018 (compared to the monster of three heads of 2017 with Osweiler, Siemian and Lynch as a QB and was the offensive a success, but using a saying of the american football it was like “go out for towing, and making out with your sister.” Better to go in white, but its not ideal. The team itself was not bad, if we lost games when they were ahead in the fourth quarter, with the Chiefs, Texans and Browns, will talk about the 9-7 Broncos, a team that is a breath away from the wild card. As with the if and the but there is history, there are obviously many ricriminazioni from both sides of the field. We can summarize the true three problems offensive of the past season as an OL not really always the height (plagued by some injury, too), a QB is not capable of living out of the expectations from the season spectacular the previous, and maybe the problem is the hinge of all: the little malleabilita’ tactics of coach Musgrave. With that OL, two very good RB (one of which came in the Pro Bowl, coming out from Colorado undrafted), a park of receivers made up of veterans who are not so young and the rookie of the first coat, the OC continued to call the classic 3-5 stepdrops, in spite of a QB who has done his best with the Play-action and bootleg.

To put a remedy to these problems, Elway has tried to return to his standard QB (top, braccione, which brings solidity to the team) going to the safe used. Not Peyton Manning, but he already got a ring, and with the Super Bowl MVP with his name: Joe Flacco. You have to commend the management regard the trade of Keenum and Flacco: take Flacco for a reasonable price (a fourth selection), defuse the agreement Keenum, tradarlo to the Redskins, it was not a thing that happens. Above all, the price you are paying at the end of the QB in relation to what is at the end, the Jaguars have had to pay in order to get Nick Foles in Free Agency. Arrival, which, however, does not come without concerns.

Flacco is from one season to the Ravens where he was doing one of his best seasons from 2015, but it was then replaced by rookie Lamar(one) Jackson after a slight injury and then left on the bench on his return saw the positive results of the new schemes that are offensive based on the capacity athletic rookie from Louisville. But as we can not consider the best QB on the square, in spite of his past Super Bowl MVP, still has 34 years old, and an arm capable of launching bordered for another couple of years. Also, his best season was under Gary Kubiak, a former OC and HC of the Denver Broncos, which inherits’ offensive should be collected from Rich Sgangarello. new Offensive Coordinator that comes from the tree of Shanahan (father and son), McVay, and Kubiak.
Sgangarello, a former QB coach with the 49ers, leads with whether the patterns that have made the George Kittle one of the best TE in the League, position YOURSELF to always be worshipped by Flacco, and experience in the development of young QB as Mullens.

You can see then in this expectation is the Draft 2019, with 3 calls offensive in early 42, and Noah Fant TE from Iowa the same college Kittle, OL swiss army knife as Risner and a QB to develop but with great potential as Drew Lock, is the decision to bring a QB veteran for a bit of stability and to develop the roster (and especially a QB still immature) in the future, but trying at the same time to be competitive from the outset. The roster-offensive and’ in fact very young, slipped off Emmanuel Sanders returning from a rupture of the achilles tendon (but from the record retrieval) touch the sophomore Sutton, Patrick and Hamilton's lead in receiving yards for the team. With Freeman and the little devil tasmanian Lindsay (both also in their second year) to run between the tackles with the ball in hand.
It's also important to mention the arrival of Mike Munchiak, the former OL coach of Pittsburgh, that despite the departure of Paradis AGO, with the recovery of Leary and the arrival of James and Risner, should return the line of the Denver Broncos at levels more than acceptable, hopefully at least nearly to the height of the OL of the Steelers. If I were to make a prediction I would say to expect so many races and so many play-actions.

If the attack has seen big changes with a new QB and a new OC and the defense of the Denver Broncos is not less than in terms of vehicles, with the departure of Peko, Brandon Marshall, Stewart, and Roby, but especially with the arrival of Vic Fangio as the Boss of the defence. The sixty-year-old (61 summers the August 22), the former DC of the Bears and the 49ers, the coach of a star absolute as the Dome Patrol (Saints), Patrick Willis (49ers), Navarro Bowman (49ers) and Ray Lewis (Ravens), just to name a few, brings in the Mile High city with a huge experience in defence.
As much as Fangio is the first experience as a HC and concentrate on a defense, the 3-4, just like Vance, “but we had a good week of practice,” Joseph, both could not be more different. Respected by all his rivals, Fangio has made the approach to the details and not making mistakes (the “death by inches”) a mantra, which already is being praised by the fans the Broncos after two years of decisions that are pretty questionable on the part of Joseph.

The defense of the Denver Broncos promises to be decidedly different from last year, both from the point of view of the players on the field, both from the point of view of the schematic. The arrival of Callahan and Kareem Jackson, and the confirmation of Chris Harris Jr brings the new possibility for the defensive team, with rotations between CB, Nickel, and Safeties such as not to make it easier to read the defense by the QB of the opponent. In fact, if the basic idea of Joseph was that of “blizzare” so as not to give time for the QB to throw, that of Fangio and that it will confuse the readings of the QB and put him in the “trap” with the use of nickel-packages, and zone defense, while the pass rusher trying to get to the sack.
And in the case of the Broncos and the pass rusher are right, Von miller is still in his prime, and Chubb has had a rookie season exhilarating, one of the pairs of pass-rusher the most feared in the league.

The patterns of Fangio, however,’ predict a figure not yet identified in the roster of the Broncos, that of Willy, weak-side linebacker, usually an athlete, very fast, able to cover both in coverage and against the races in the outside areas and, above all, a figure able to defend by YOURSELF. Chronic problem of the defense of Denver with the victory of the SB 50, battered by Kittle, Cook and Kelce last year. To do this, a LB as athletic as Roquan Smith is required athleticism not found in the LB of Denver, so much to think of taking a LB as Devin White or Devin Bush at last year's draft. But perhaps the old Fangio has already something in mind or wait for the next year. Notoriously, in fact, the defenses of Fangio in need of a couple of years before you start to be dominant. We'll see, I don't think the Broncos have the time to fix any defensive problems in the span of the various seasons, as the team will be definitely a defense-driven and that the chief sin they're definitely ending up in Denver. But the WLB in part, you have all the pieces to make this defense one of the best defenses in the league right now.

After the necessary thorough cleaning of the coaching staff preceding the arrival of a new HC (DC de facto) and of the new OC at their first experience in important and difficult to assess for the first approach. But the experience of Fangio, the patterns suitable for Flacco to Scangarello and the arrival of one of the best OL coach in the league Munchak lead definitely a breath of fresh air and optimism, after two years problematic.

The vintage is not expected to be of the most simple against rivals competing in the calendar, not only in the Division, with 5 teams present to the past the playoffs: Chiefs, Chargers, Texans, Colts, and Bears, and other aggressive like the Packers, Vikings and Browns that will not give an easy life to this team. There are the premises for a good year, but hope in the playoffs, especially seen the news in attack, in defence and in the calendar is not an easy thing, but already have a negative record for the third year in a row would be a good thing. I am confident in a balanced 8-8, but Denver this fall, hopefully in a new spring.




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